The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


15. Closing In

I hopped out of my car and rang Liam's door. My mum wouldn't let me go see him on a school night so I had to wait until Saturday to find out if what this guy said he did actually happened. Liz opened the door. Her eyes were gray and hollow. There were bags under her eyes and her makeup was smeared. Her blonde hair was in tangles and she wore Liam's shirt with a pair of sweats. "Harry, I'm so glad you came. Where's Naomi?" On cue, Naomi came in and gave Liz a hug. "Oh Liz!" She said simply. Liz burst into tears. "He's in his room." She said to me before talking with Naomi. I hurried to Liam's room. Liam being the neat freak, always had a clean room even when he was hurt. He lay in his bed sporting an arm and leg cast and a thick white wrap around his stomach. "Harry." He whispered. My eyes bugged out. "Liam...What...What happened to you?" Liam gave a painful cough. "Some guy jumped me. And I think he stabbed me. I don't remember, I hit my head. I feel so bad for Liz. She shouldn't see me like this." Anger ran through me and made me tense up. I could barely breathe and I was seeing red. "Don't worry Liam. Once I find this guy, he'll wish he hadn't even looked at you." Liam coughed again. "Oh no Harry, please don't do anything you know I would regret you doing." I couldn't answer him. I put a comforting hand on his head before walking back to Liz. "Harry you better not do anything stupid!" I heard Liam call after me. But it was too late for that. This guy has already drawn blood. If he wanted to play, then I was going to play. 
(Naomi's point of view)
I stood in Harry's door frame watching him as he paced around. He was so mad which was so unlike him. "Harry, what's going on? Why are you so upset?" Harry looked at me and for a second I couldn't recognize him. "What's going on? My friend just got jumped and it's all my fault! I could've stopped it if I wasn't so..." He trailed off and sat down with his face in his hands. I wanted to give him a hug, but I was scared to touch him. "Harry, it wasn't your fault. How could you have possibly planned that? You weren't even there." "Shut up! You don't know what's going on or what I have to deal with!" Harry snapped. "So why don't you tell me?" I snapped right back. He was still panting, making no move to let me know what was bothering him so much. "Well if you're not going to share, then have fun with your misery." I stormed out of his room. I went into mine, grabbed a hoodie, and ran downstairs. "Are you leaving dear?" Harry's mum asked. I nodded. "Yeah, I'll be back in a few minutes." I closed the door and walked far away from Harry's house. I didn't want to be anywhere near Harry right now. I hadn't meant to hurt him. I just wanted to know what was going on. I trusted him with my secret, why couldn't he trust me? I unknowingly found myself outside of Niall's house. Over the past few weeks, I've been hanging out with the boys more and more. They were easy to talk to and they were tons of fun. Whenever I was alone and needed friend time, I walked to Niall's and Zayn and Liam would already be there with Louis on the way with some pizza. But today was different. When I walked in, because Niall gave me a key, He was sitting on the couch with Zayn. "Hey guys." I said slowly and dully. They didn't look my way. I walked towards them and poked their sides. "What's going on?" They didn't flinch. I shook their shoulders. "Niall! Zayn! Answer me!" Niall rolled to the floor. Zayn isn't the type to joke around when people are serious, so when he wasn't answering me, I knew something was wrong. I looked at Zayn's face. It was a little greenish and his eyes were closed. I checked his pulse, it was barely there. "Oh my god!" I cried before calling 911. 
Perrine held Zayn close to her and cried. Perrine and I just got to the hospital a few seconds ago. It was a few minutes after I called 911. Apparently Zayn and Niall had been food poisoned and given sleeping pills. If I hadn't called 911, they could've died from the poisoning or how much meds they were given. "Who did this to you Zayn?" Perrine cried. I was sitting next to Niall holding his hand. He and Zayn were my closet friends, they understood everything. "I'll find who did this Perrine, don't you worry." She only silently sobbed. I stood up reluctantly and called Harry to give him the news. Only he didn't answer me. A little annoyed I made my way back to Perrine. I stayed there with her all night until it was 4 a.m. The next morning. "I'll be right back Perri. If anything happens, call me. I'll be there in a second." She nodded and I left. Perrine had drove me here, so I had to walk back home. When I was relatively close to my house it was still dark and windy. I only had a light hoodie on so the wind chilled my bones. When I was walking I got the feeling that someone was watching me, and it creeped me out. I took a small short cut to Harry's which was taking a little alley path. I took it because I would pass Louis' house and I wanted to give him the news in person. When I knocked he opened the door right away. Which was strange considering how early it was. There were tears on his face. "Lou, what's wrong?" He shook his head. "Elea was in Dublin visiting her mum. She got on the wrong flight and ended up in Cheshire. And her plane crashed on the way back here." My eyes bugged out. "Oh my god is she okay?" "She's in the hospital. A few broken bones I hear. They say someone damaged the engine. Who would do that? Elea could've died." I pulled him into a tight hug. "I don't know Louis. Is your mum here?" "My mum, what does this have to do with anything?" "I think I know why everyone's getting hurt. We gotta get to Harry's quickly. But we need to get Maria first since she's all alone." Louis nods understanding and quickly grabs his keys and a hoodie. We quickly get in his car and drive to Maria's house. It was an average looking house since Maria's mom didn't like to stand out. I quickly hop out of Louis' car and ring the doorbell. It was around 5:30 so I expected Maria to be awake since she always woke up at 5 everyday to take care of her brother. After a few seconds, Maria opened the door. "Naomi and Louis? What are you guys doing here so early?" "We have an emergency. We need you to come with us to Harry's right away!" I nearly shouted. She nodded. "Okay but I gotta take my brother with me. My mum went out of town yesterday." "Okay, please hurry." Louis said rather softly. A few moments later and Maria and Emilio were hurrying out the door to Louis' car. I caught myself staring at Emilio in the mirror when Louis started his car. Why did his sweatshirt look so familiar? "Nice sweatshirt?" I say without thinking. Louis gives me a 'what is wrong with you' look and Emilio gives me a cocky grin. "Thanks babe." The rest of the drive was filled with tension but I'm not quite sure from what. When Louis parks his car in front of Harry's house, I see Harry sitting on the porch waiting. "Erm, I'll be right back." I fast walk over to Harry who looked like how he did back when we had our argument. Unrecognizable. "Harry-" "Where have you been? You can't just leave for freaking 10 hours and not tell someone and..." He trailed off looking behind me. I turn to see Emilio glaring at Harry while he leaned against Louis' passenger door. "It was you." I hear Harry hiss. Before I can interfere, Harry's running towards Emilio raising his fist like he was getting ready to kill. 


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