The Best Friend

A girl named Naomi, aka Nat, is very lonely and lost because her parents and her only sibling have abandoned her when she needed them most. Will her best friend, Harry Styles, be able to fill in her missing piece? Or will their friendship be lost forever?


10. A Friend or An Enemy? A Wednsday Shocker

(Harry's point of view)

I had managed to get back from the doctors a little bit before lunch and was walking in through the front doors. I wore a loose white t shirt, a dark blue hoodie, and gray faded jeans with red converse. I got an uneasy feeling as soon as I neared the corner to my locker. I turn the corner slowly and notice a rather pale and frail looking boy talking to Naomi. He looked up at me and gave me the scariest glare I have ever seen. Naomi turned her head at me and gave me a relived smile. "Harry." She said softly.

(Naomi's point of view before Harry walked in)

I walked to my locker and Erich gave me a self satisfied smirk. I tried to smile but it just seemed forced. "Um hey Erich. Can I help you with anything?" He flipped his hair sort of like the way Harry would. It all seemed really weird. "Yeah Naomi. I wanted to know if you could come to my house after school so we could talk about the project." Something screamed at me to deny at all costs. "Um actually I was going to see if Zayne needed help with his uh... Math! Yes he's sort of struggling." "Oh well how about Friday, we could meet and share a cherry ice cream. Or chocolate which ever you prefer." I shook my head. "I have a boyfriend Erich. A boyfriend who planned something for us to do on Friday." I could feel the tension rise. "It's not like I'm asking you out on a date or anything. Just friends hanging out. Plus I have a girlfriend." A weird sort of weight lifted off my shoulders. "We could hang out Saturday." He added. I shook my head again. "I'm in a musical Saturday and Sunday. I'm just really busy you know. But if you ever want to talk or something I could give you my number or you can come and visit me... during school hours." I added the last part quickly. He gave me a cold smile. "Sure why not? You have time for Zayne and Harry but when it comes to me I'm like you're second hand friend, aye?" I jumped back in surprise. "I don't even know you!" I said quickly. He was about to say something when he looked up. He gave me a scowl. I turned to see my hero walking towards me. "Harry." I say softly yet very happily.

(Harry's point of view)

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. "Sorry if I'm interrupting. I'm Harry." I extended my hand out to the frail boy. He stared at my hand coldly before walking away. I turned to Naomi. "That was weird." I say almost to myself. She looks a bit frightened. I hold her face in my hands. "Are you alright? What did he say to you?" She looks up at me. "It's nothing. Really. Are you coming to lunch?" I shake my head. "I can't. A few teachers want to give me my homework so it won't be missing." She looks a bit disappointed. I hold her close to me. "Hey don't be so down. The boys will sit with you. Plus the day is almost over, you'll see me in a few minutes. When we get home, we can watch a movie and make some tea. Will I be forgiven if I make you my world famous cookies?" Her smile appears. "You know that your so called "world famous cookies" are bought from the store right? But..." She pauses for dramatic affect. "I forgive you. You are my hero." She says with a warm smile. I raise an eyebrow. "I thought the definition of hero was a man who saves a woman from fiery dragons and evil beasts?" She laughs before looking deep into my eyes. "A hero is someone who can help someone else's life be a little bit better than it was the day before. You're my hero Harry." I kissed her softly. "And you're mine Naomi." She smiled and giggled. "Enough with this cheesy stuff shouldn't you get going?" I pulled her closer to me. "Hey, cheesy or not it always works in scoring the girls." She put her hands on her hips. "Oh really?" I mentally hit myself. No need to fear Phil or a stalker. Naomi was the dangerous thing known to man.

(Naomi's point of view)

I look down at the school lunch goo today. It was an off yellowish orange color that had tiny green flakes in it. I pushed my tray away in disgust. 'If you had remembered to grab your lunch money then this wouldn't have happened.' I think to myself. 'But Harry normally got my lunch for me. It was his little surprise of the day.'  I pick up my small milk box. No really it was a box like those juice boxes. I stba my straw in and slowly sip up the chocolatey goodness. Well it shoulde have been good. This milk tasted like blue cheese that has been out in the sun for 3 days. I take my napkin and quickly scrub off my tongue. Three sudden laughs startle me. I look up to see Liam, Niall, and Louis taking their seats next to me. "Hey Nat. Oh I've seen you've got the school lunch. Do you want to die early?" Niall joked before chopping down on his burger. I try to smile but stomach growled. I didn't have anything to eat yesterday except a few handfuls of popcorn, and nothing before that because as soon as I got home from practice I dropped like a log. Harry had to practically carry me to bed. Liam looked at me and gave a warm smile. "I would totally give you my bag of chips but knowing Harry I'm assuming he's sent you a little something." I put my hands on my hips. "So what are you trying to say? I can't feed myself?" Louis shook his head and swallowed his sandwich. "Nah, he's saying you're so predictable. I mean the strangest thing you'll do is wear the same red shoes for an entire month. Plus you're always forgetting your lunch money." He paused to eat his apple. "Can you name a day Harry didn't buy your lunch?" I thought for a second but I knew he was right. I was hopeless! "You know what? I don't need a freaking lunch, I'll be fine! I've gone a few days without lunch, it's not a big deal!" Just then Zayne came carrying two trays. One had a slice of pizza, some fries, and a small mountain dew. The other had a small sandwich, a bag of sour cream and onion chips, and a small bottle filled with orange juice. Zayne smiled big at me. "I didn't know hich one you would want so pick either." I could hear the three other boys about to burst with laughter. My mouth watered and my stomch growled. I hevaily sighed and took a big bite out of the sandwich. "I don't even care." I mumbled to the boys who were shaking and chuckling. I laughed with them. It was really hard to be sad or depressed with the boys around. They made it impossible. Still my thoughts lingered to Harry and unfortunetly Erich and my "admirer". Were they watching me right now or am I just be paranoid? "Hey Naomi We were going to go meet up with Harry. He should be in Mrs. Amilia's room by now." I looked up at Liam. We had a two hour study hall next. If we had hall passes with us we wouldn't get in trouble. I knew that no teacher would hand over hall passes to students to check on another student. "Hmm, we'll need a good excuse." "Yeah you're right." Niall said. We all thought for a few seconds. Then the boys turned towards me. "What?" I asked suspicously. "You are the theatre major." Louis said while rubbin ghis chin. "And? I can't just lie. You know I can't do it." Zayne shook his head. "You won't have to talk just let us do the work." I gulped as the boys conducted devious plans to get a hall pass.

(A few minutes later)

"Move out of the way!" Zayne called. I groaned and moaned while holding my stomach. Liam was carrying me on his back, Louis was fanning my face, and Niall nad Zayne were clearing the halls. Ms. Thomas stepped out of her classroom. "What is going on here?" She asked. Niall stepped forward and put on his charming face. "Oh Ms. Thomas. Naomi is so horribly sick, she can barely stand. I think it was the school lunch. It did look rather unappealing today." I added a bit more groaning and worked to make myself pale and slightly sweaty. I tried to also make my eyes droop like I was about to drop. Ms. Thomas came towards me and looked over my face. "Oh my, you look terrible! Do you need me to take you to the school nurse?" Louis stepped in. "But Ms. Thomas, you have a class. If you gave us all hall passes we could take her there." She bit her bottom lip. "Do you really need all 4 of you to take her there?" I groaned. "I need all." I said in a sickly whisper. Liam pretened he was wobbling. "I can't hold her much longer." He said as if he were straining. Ms. Thomas' face changed. She ran in her classroom and pulled out 5 hall passes. "Okay, just please take care of her and don't screw around." She said seriously. Niall thanked her and we slwoly walked until we were around the corner. Then LIam set me down and the boys let out heavy sighs. "Was I really that heavy?" I said jokingly. Liam wrapped his arm around me. "You weigh as light as a twig. You need to eat more girl." I rolled my eyes. "C'mon lets get going before Ms. Thomas comes to check on us." We hurried down the hall. "Excuse me." Mr. Johns grabbed Niall's shoulder. "What are you guys doing out here?" We held up our hall passes. He gave a small curse and continued walking. "Let's go!" I said quietly. We hurried off again. My heart did a little jump when we crossed my locker and there was a orange note taped to it. "Here we go again." I said softly but not softly enough. Zayne looked over at me, then at my locker. "What's that?" He said before grabbing the paper.



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