It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


27. 27

They had just brought baby Harper home. She was a quiet little baby like her Great Grandma Amber was when she was little, she was only loud if she really needed something and her parents were not by her
'peek-a-boo!' yells Max 'Max let Harper sleep she's tired and doesn't wanna play right now' 'but I wanna play!' 'well Harper has to sleep right now. You can play with her later. Do you want to come to work with me?' 'yes. Work fun!' 'Hop in the limo sweetie I'm gonna call daddy to come too' *she walks in the house* 'honey come on we are going to auditions!' 'ok babe. I'm coming' 'alright I called Lilli and she should be here any minute and we will leave as soon as she gets here so hurry up' 'I'm coming honey. Is Lili here yet?' 'yea. She's just pulling threw the gate' 'ok. I will be down in just a sec' 'alright I will meet you in the limo' *they just got done with their auditions* 'The person who got the part for Alex's husband is Justin and the kid who got their child is Max sorry to everyone else who auditioned' 'I can't believe both of you got the parts! Now we can all go to work together' Max yells 'yay! Work' 'alright everybody shooting starts tomorrow. Be here at the studio by 10:00 am. Clear the room I need to talk to mrs Alex and her family alone. So Alex, did you find your stunt double yet?' 'uh, no sir. I thought my managers found someone for it' 'so you have no stunt double and we start shooting tomorrow. Uggghh this is a disaster!' 'I can call my sister Cody to do it. She's a few years younger than me but we look exactly the same' 'ok. Whatever' 'alright. We gotta go back to the limo' 'mommy can we go to nandos? Please' 'ask daddy' 'daddy?' 'yes Maxie we can go to nandos' 'yayy!! Nandos!!' 'he's just like his great uncle Niall' when they went to nandos they always rented out the whole place so they don't need their guards to protect them from the paparazzi. They are nice and let people come in to eat but if they come too close to them without permission they get arrested. Some people may think its harsh but celebrities just need to have a normal life sometimes
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