It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


26. 26

*a few years later. Alex is 20 and today is Max's 3rd birthday*
Max's friends Jerry, Theresa and a few others where at Max's birthday-party, the party was at Chucky E. Cheese. Alex got really annoyed by all the screaming little kids and she was really stressed about the wedding coming up in a few months she still needed to get the final invitations sent out and order the cake. She didn't know if she could get all of it done in time for the wedding. She decided she was gonna finish mailing the invitations first. She kept complaining to Justin until he would let her go home to finish planing. They where planning on having another child right before the wedding and then he or she won't be born until the wedding is over. Justin let her go home after about an hour of her complaining about it. She was just going to leave but she is one of those people that will annoy the heck out of you for no apparent reason at all and enjoys it. So she went home and did absolutely nothing until Justin texted her saying he was on his way home with Max then she hurried up and put the invitations in the mail box and called a bakery. They said they would have her and Jason come in next week and taste-test cakes and frostings and then they can take their order from there.
*the wedding day*
'Lilli, can you help me get my dress on please?' 'sure Alex, just a second. Can you help me with mine too?' 'of course' *they each do their dresses* Lilli says 'Alex honey it's almost time to go out lets start walking out' 'ok' Alex's dress had a long train and was very tight but she liked it cus she was like a twig cus for her movies she has to work out a lot to stay skinny. The dress was also covered in jewels and was a goldenish color she knew Justin would like it. It wasn't her favorite dress but that was the only one she knew Justin would like that she also liked so she got it. They had a huge wedding since Alex was an actress and was famous. Her managers got her anything she wanted so she had them talk to Justin and anything he wanted in the wedding she made them do. She wanted the whole wedding to be what Justin wanted. She thinks she is already too spoiled at work and all Justin does is go to collage and he doesn't get anything special there. And she also believes the wedding should be about him not her. Most people believe the wedding should be about the couple, not just the husband or wife and they should be equally treated. She started walking down the isle and Justin almost fainted he thought dress was so beautiful. Her dress was a one of a kind designer dress with no other one in the whole world, Justin nearly did fain but the priest caught him and nobody even noticed. Lots of paparazzi was outside but only a few got a picture of Alex's dress before she walked in and the door was locked so none of the fans could get in and watch the wedding. 'Do you Alex take Justin to be your husband?' 'I do' 'and do you Justin take Alex to be your wife?' 'I do' 'you may now kiss the bride!' *Justin scoops her off the ground and gives her a huge kiss*

*About 8months later*
Alex says 'Max honey do you want to have a new baby brother or sister?' 'no mommy! I no like babies' 'you will when you meet your new baby brother or sister. Do you want to have a brother or a sister?' 'no baby mommy!' 'yes baby Maxie' 'nooooo!' 'do you need to go in a time out?' 'no!' 'then you better stop yelling at me' 'ok mommy' 'that's my little Maxie' 'daddy?' 'yes Max?' 'we go park?' 'no daddy has to go to big kid school and you are gonna be with Lilli' 'no Lilli!' 'I bet Lilli will take you to park' 'yay park!' 'yes. Yay park' 'where mommy go?' 'mommy go to work' 'me work with mommy?' 'no' *Max starts crying* *calls Alex* 'honey, Max is crying cus I said he can't come to work with you. What should I tell him?' 'well there is this part in one of my new movies he could go audition for. They will most likely give it to him cus he's my son in the movie. You could audition too for my husband' 'no' 'come on please. For me?' 'I can't do that and school' 'you might not even need to go to school if they like you as an actor' 'fine. I'll do it-' 'yaaaaayyy!!!' she yelled so loud she got kicked off the set until she was done on the phone 'honey calm down or I'm not gonna do it' 'ok. Im done' 'you sure?' 'yea. I'm sure' 'ok. Remember. I'm ONLY doing it for you. When are auditions?' 'today and tomorrow. But I suggest doing it ASAP so someone else doesn't get the part' 'ok. We will come over now. Bye love you' 'love you too honey. See you in a little bit' *hangs up* 'Max. Where did you go?' 'Max?' *calles Alex* 'this is Alex. I'm sorry I can't get to the phone right now please leave a message' 'Alex honey it's Justin. I can't find Max. I think he ran off. Can you come home and help me look for him please. I can't do this by myself!' Alex called back and said she can't. She is in the hospital and the baby is coming. Justin yelled 'Max come out! Mommy is in the hospital and we need to go by her!' 'I'm coming daddy!' 'ok sweetie hurry up' *they are in their limo* 'daddy?' 'what Max' 'why is mommy in the hospital?' 'she's having a baby' 'is it a boy or a girl?' 'we don't know yet. That's why we are going to the hospital' 'ok' *at the hospital* 'I need to know what room my wife Alex is in. She is having her baby right now' 'she is on the very top floor room 435' 'ok. Thank you very much' 'Max push the biggest number' 'this one?' 'yup. Now push the button' 'daddy why are we moving? It's scary' 'it's to get us to the top where mommy is' 'oh. Are we almost there?' 'yes. We just need to find her room' *a little less than a minute later* *knock* the nurse says 'come in' Alex says 'Max, come look at your new baby sister' 'ok' 'did you chose a name for her honey or do you want me to?' 'I'm stuck between the names Amber Leslie and Harper. You chose one to eliminate and from then Max can chose since she is his sister' 'I think think they are all beautiful names have Max chose. I can't decide' 'Max do you want your baby sister's name to be Leslie Amber or Harper' 'hawper' 'Harper it is!'
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