It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


25. 25

When Anna and Jason got back home they adopted a newborn girl and named her Alex. They cared for her and raised her like she was their own. As she got older she started to look more like her real parents and began to ask questions about it. On her 13th birthday they decided to finally tell her about her being adopted and by that time she already had a little sister named Cody and her twin brother Zach. Anna named Zach after her little brother Zach and she named Cody after what her aunt Kourtney wanted to name her first daughter but she only had one child Kyle and another reason there was a show from when her parents where kids and their names where Zach and Cody. On Alex's 13th birthday the twins where 9. All Alex wanted for her birthday was to get a full make over so she looked more like her adopted parents but for her hair she wanted the base color to be black and then have random colored highlights like pink, purple, blue, green, etc. so her parents, being the children of former pop stars, could easily afford all of that for her. A few years later after Alex's 17th birthday she became a teen mom she was proud and took good care of her son, Max, and she still did very well on her school work she never dropped out of school or gave up on it and she always succeeded in every thing she did after Max was born Alex and her boyfriend Justin got engaged they can't get married until they are 19 though. Alex heard about acting auditions for a new tv series about teen Internet sensations, she auditioned just for fun and thought that she wouldn't even have a chance at getting the main part which was what she auditioned for. The tv show was called 'the .com project' the main character's name is Kourtney with her sidekick Amber. The girl that had gotten the part of Amber happened to be Alex's arch enemy Jade. When Jade found out that she would have to get along with Alex she quit, her replacement was a shy girl named Hope. Hope had a lot of trouble acting cus her character was a very outgoing person and she was the exact opposite of that. Alex and Hope had a lot of lines to memorize and had rehearsals almost every day but they knew it would be worth it. Jason, Anna, and the twins supported her and came to all of her rehearsals. Justin also supported her since he knew they needed the money to take care of Max and to support the family. Alex actually liked the job and soon she had more acting offers in big movies. She became well known in just a few days. She got to meet the new popular boy band one perfection with members: Narry Nayn Niam Nouis and Larry, a Irish band except Larry who is British. They are all weird names but they are all really cute and awesome. Niam asked her out but she kindly rejected and explained she was engaged. He gave her an odd look and said 'it would be a great story' and she called her security guards to come and then he called his and they all argued while Alex and Niam just chilled watching the fight. And then they look at each other and started arguing then Justin called Alex so they stopped arguing Justin asked her 'honey, where are you?' 'Uhh…-' 'WHERE ARE YOU!?' 'I'm at the studio' 'what studio?' 'I don't know. What do you think I am?-' 'an actress' '-_- you weren't supposed to answer that' 'well sorry' 'well I got to go. Love you!' 'love you too sweetheart!' 'bye' 'bye' Niam asks her 'who was that? Your fake boyfriend?' 'no. It was my REAL boyfriend. Now I got to go. I'm gonna go pick up some lunch for the family' 'oh so you have a kid too?' she ignores him and walks out the door without her guards and she gets attacked by psycho fans her guards hear her yelling and rush out and pull her away from all the crazed fans and runs her to her limo. She has the limo driver drive her threw Mc Donald's Cus she is too lazy to go any where else or have her chef cook any thing. She just wanted to be a normal teen for a while well a normal teen that has a baby and is engaged. Yup, She surely is a normal teen. Justin was leaving for collage soon and Alex had no clue what to do with Max while she was at work so they called a long-term nanny for Max while she is at work. Max loved his new baby sitter, Lilli, she was young, nice, and she also was a teen mom herself so she knows how hard it is for the young couple to earn a living and care for Max at the same time. She earned a good amount of money and was very homered to be chosen to baby sit a famous actress' son especially out of so many people that Alex interviewed, she chose Lilli because she knew that Lilli knew what it was like to be in the same position that she is in and she has experience with kids unlike most of the other applicants. Alex asked Lilli if she would be her maid of honor in her wedding since she is such a close and good friend Max is gonna be the ring bearer and he will be 3 at the time of the wedding. Alex and Justin wanted to wait to get married until they where average age to get married so the happy couple waited till they where 20.
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