It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


23. 23

All the parents are out of the house and Paula is watching the quadruplets and putting them to sleep in their room. Jason had just arrived and was helping to set up when Anna got a call from Zayn

'shhhhh!! My dad is calling!' *picks up phone* 'hi daddy' 'hi sweetheart we just wanted to tell you that that it's ok to have your party' 'ok. Wait how did you know?' 'it's something called a camera honey' 'ooh. Lol' 'alright baby I will let you finish up. Bye love you' 'love you too' *hangs up* 'shoot there's cameras and they can see us' Jason says 'and what does that mean?' 'they can see our party and I don't like it when my parents stalk me' *a bunch of guests arrive* Jason and I just stand at the door greeting everyone and handing them a drink. No one realizes that Anna and Jason have left and where in Anna's room making out on the bed Lux finally finds them and says 'hey everybody is looking for you!' 'well good for them we are busy! Good bye!' 'no I'm not gonna leave' 'yes you will. It's my room' 'really?' 'yes really. It's my room. You know that' 'can you just go back down until the party is done? There's only like half an hour left' 'ok fine' *half an hour later* 'ok. Bye guys. Thanks for coming!'
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