It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


22. 22

*ten years later*
Lux Anna and Jason are all out of collage Anna and Jason have been dating for about 5 years now and he is about to propose to her. Lux doesn't know about any of this cus she doesn't talk to Anna that much anymore. Everything is the same with the others. The kids are all 15-17 now and are done or almost done with high school and they all still live with their parents.

Jason told Anna to meet him at the beach so she did and he was there waiting for her down on one knee in the sand Jason asked her 'Anna, will you marry me?' 'did you get my parents' permission?' 'yes. I did. So is it a yes or a no?' 'it's a definite yes!' 'I love you Anna!' 'I love you too. You know what' 'what?' 'I still haven't met your parents. Could you introduce me today?' 'fine' 'why so grumpy about it?' 'it's just that well..... My father he used to be a pop-star' 'and?' 'he's imbarassed that he failed. Your parents don't know I'm his son. Your dad and his band drove my father out of business. Ask your parents about Justin Bieber-' 'wait. That's your dad?!?!' 'yes' 'he kidnapped Lux once!' 'he what?!?!' 'yup. He did it when Lux and I where at six flags. He said it was because my family put him out of business' 'girrr. I'm gonna get him!' 'so your gonna hurt your own father?' 'yes. If he kidnapped my baby's best friend. I will' 'I don't want you to hurt him. He was her biggest idol when She was a kid' 'guess what?' 'what?' 'I signed up for a major modeling job and I got it!' 'oh my gosh honey! I'm so proud of you!' 'I know right! I never would have thought I would have gotten it!' 'well your the daughter of one direction and you are engaged to the son of an overnight teenage pop star. I wouldn't be half surprised if you where the worlds most popular person' 'I guess but I got to go now. I gotta go home and check on the family' 'ok babe. Talk to you later' *goodbye kiss* 'bye love!' 'bye beautiful!' Anna gets in her Lexus that used to be her grandma's but they updated it so it's newer. She only has it cus she loves the look of it even if it's old. She has had the car since my mother was about 11. She had the car and then gave it to me when I started driving. *about 5mins later. Arrives at home*
'Hey guys! I'm home!' Zayn walks up to her and gives her a kiss and says 'hey sweetie. How'd it go?' 'good' 'no kids yet right?' 'nope. Not yet' 'better not be any at all' then Amber walks in 'honey you can do whatever you want to do. Don't listen to your father. Dads just hate it when their daughters get a guy' 'not true. We are just more protective than the women' 'whatever' 'so how's Sara an Louis' baby doin?' good. They had quads though' 'Omg! What are the names?' 'Louie named these ones and he named them after the rest of the Boys' 'so we have two Harrys, Zayns, liams, and Nialls in the house?' 'yup. One of each of them is enough to me!' 'l agree. I hope that none of them turn out to have the same characteristics. Lol' 'yea alright. I'm gonna go out to dinner/supper with your father and I'm leaving you in charge while we're gone' 'ok' 'bye Anna 'bye mom! Bye dad!' *door closes* 'ok. Now time to get rid of the little kids' 'hey Anna' 'oh hey Lux. What's up?' 'nothing. What about you?' 'I'm planning a party. We need to get all the adults out of the house' 'ok?' 'can you help?' 'sure. I guess' 'ok. How bout we book Niall a tour at Nando's for himself and 7 guests. He probably will take the boys and their wives and of course his wife. That should get them all out' 'What about the kids?' 'I guess we will just have to let them come. Otherwise they will just tell our parents' so your letting 15 and 17 year olds come to an adult party?' 'yup' 'but what about the new babies?' 'I'll hire a babysitter. Duh!' 'what about the cost?' 'Are you new here?' 'no. I've been apart of this family longer than you have, Girl' 'well then don't worry about "costs"' 'Uggghhhh. What ever' 'hey Paula' (I'm gonna make that Paul's daughter) 'oh hey lux what's up?' 'me and my friend Anna just wanted to know if you could watch Louis' new kids' 'sure. How many?' '4' 'Louie has 5 kids now?!?' 'yup. They had quads yesterday' 'what are their names?' 'Zayn Liam Niall and Harry after his 4 best friends' 'I should've known. So why do you need a babysitter anyways?' 'promise not to tell our parents?' 'promise.' 'well we are throwing an engage-' 'an engagement party! Of corse. For you?' 'NO. Anna, Her boyfriend Jason just proposed to her about half an hour ago at the beach. I saw the whole thi-' and then Anna inturputed 'wait Lux you where watching?!? What the heck. Normal people don't do that' 'you obviously don't know me Anna. I grew up with 5 of the most un-normal boys in the whole world and one of them was your father and plus what do you think I do all day?' 'sit around at your house' 'no silly! I sit at the beach all day! Duh!' 'ok? Whatever' then Paula comes back in 'so when should I come?' 'when ever is best for you but before 7:00' 'ok. I will come over now. Is that ok?' 'yup. See you soon' 'ok. Bye' 'bye' *hangs up* 'alright Anna let's spread the word' 'but just make sure that we tell Jason first' 'ok'

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