It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


21. 21

*it's July 23, one directions' birthday*
Amber, Fabi, Autumn, Sara, and Kourtney wake up early and make breakfast for their husbands' being as quiet as they can be but Niall still smells the food and jumps out of bed comes running down stairs as fast as he could, Liam heard him and knew that there was food cooking but he was to lazy to get up out of bed so he just waited there texting his mum and replying to fan messages. He hasn't checked his fan mail since they made WMYB and he logged into Zayn's account cus he never goes on it himself and saw an old message from amber back in 2012 (it's about 2021-24 in the story. I lost track). It read 'Hi. Me and my friends are HUGE fans of you and the band:)' 'awwwe. I better show this to him today' he mumbles then Autumn yells very loudly 'boys! Come downstairs or you miss breakfast!!' Zayn Louis and Liam reply 'ok autumn! You don't need to yell' then Zayn says 'wait wheres Hazza?' Liam answers 'who cares right now? Let's go get some food!' 'please don't turn into Niall! One Niall already eats up half the fridge in one day' 'I'm not turning into Niall!' amber interrupts them and screams 'ARE YOU BOYS COMING OR NOT?!?!?!?' she ended up waking Harry and that put him in a grumpy mood for a while but they cheered him up with their yummy breakfast. Today they are doing a very special concert for their anniversary. They will switch clothes like they did on the last day of their up all night tour. They also will sing the exact songs they did at that concert. Ticket prices will be double for that day only cus it's so special. At the concert Liam put the message Zayn got in 2012 from Amber on the background image. He also put up a Louis one Sara wrote with amber's account. That said 'l love u' then amber made her say 'by the way I'm Sara on her skype' he also had found one that said 'Harry, I love you!!! I'm like your biggest fan!!! I hope I meet you one day and we fall in love!!!!' that Is the first time Kourtney ever knew her best friend's secret. Zayn actually thought it was cute of her. After the show was over Zayn found Amber and told her how sweet he thought the Skype message was 'that message you sent to Harry was sooo sweet!' 'you aren't upset I didn't send that message to you and I sent it to Harry' 'no. Not at all. I like the girls who love all 5 of us! And also who love us as ourselves not as one direction' 'well Im your perfect girl then' 'you would be my perfect girl no matter what you where like. Now what do you think about me?' 'you are perfect, the best thing that has ever happened to me. But all of those tattoos I think are a little too much. Can you get at least a few removed?' 'why dose it matter so much to you?' 'I dont know babe. It just-' 'just what?' 'I just don't want people to think you are like.... A bad boy cus your the nicest guy I've ever met and I don't want people to think wrongly about you' 'well people can say all they want about me. I really don't care' 'well baby I care about your reputation' 'well it's not your body so I can do what I want to do with it' 'baby I love you but your tattoos are just like an unneeded extra. I think it makes you less perfect' 'can I at least have one matching one with you?' 'ok fine. I will have your name in fancy letters going across the top of my back' 'ok. But can l do mine on my arm instead?' she gives him a angry look and says 'if we have it in different places then they won't really be matching' 'then why don't you get yours on your arm too?' 'cus I don't want people to see that I have a tattoo' 'not even for me?' 'I would but I just never thought I would get a tattoo and I kinda told my parents I would never get a tattoo' 'no matter what paparazzi will find out about it' 'not if no one except me and you know about it' 'they will still find a way to figure out about it' 'whatever but I'm not getting the tattoo on my arm. I either get it on my back or I don't get one at all.' 'ok. Fine. I will get it on my back too' he says giving in on the fight. Suddenly Niall and Autumn show up and ask them if they want to meet at Nando's for a late lunch. They only said yes cus they were really hungry. The girls have never been to Nando's even though they have moved to Canada and have been living there ever since Amber had gave birth to Zach. Anna is now 18 and wants to see her Birth Certificate. She doesn't remember that she was adopted so the couple didn't know what to tell her so they said 'Anna sweetheart, can we talk to you?' 'yea sure. What's up?' 'we kinda have a secret we have been keeping from you' 'what is it? Am I like adopted or something?' they smile back and say 'surprise!!' 'wait. When did this happen?' 'a couple days before you met Lux. You were 12 when we got you' 'ok. Are Alia, Scott, Kyle, and Fabi Jr. really my brothers and sisters?' 'no. Not even close. They are just mine and your mother's very close friends' kids. The only siblings you have are Amaya and Zach' 'oh. Well do they know that they arnt really my brothers and sisters?' 'no. They are only 7. We will tell them when they are about 11. They won't get it at this age' 'ok. Well I'm gonna get to bed. And can you tell "uncle" Louis and "auntie" Sara to adopt a kid my age preferably a boy so I can have a boyfriend that my family likes and that the parents like me. That way we can have a longer relationship together' 'ok. We will tell them that for you. Good night. Love you' 'love you too' Anna pretends to go to sleep but really stays up and texts her secret bf, Bob 'hey babe. Meet me at my house but don't make any noise. Just text me when you are here. I will met you outside' 'where are we gonna go?' 'we will go to a club.' 'why so late?' 'cus my parents wouldn't let me go. It's past my curfew and they don't belive in going to clubs at my age they say' 'whatever. I'm almost there see you in a minute. ily' 'ily2' *2minutes later* 'hey baby. I'm here' 'ok' *climbs out of the window* 'hey beautiful. You ready to go?' 'yup. All ready' 'Go grab your bike' 'ok' *they arrive at the club* they show the security their IDs and the guard says 'aren't you two a little young to go to a club at midnight?' 'no. We are almost 19' 'ok. Whatever' they end up going home soon cus Anna's parents found her phone and saw her texts that she was going out past curfew and that she had a bf. they called Bob and told him that he is done with Anna and that he is telling his parents. When Anna got home her parents were sitting at the door but she just ignores them and walks to her room and slams the door to wake up little Zach (5 yrs old). Amber goes to take care of him while Zayn yells at her and takes her phone for 2 weeks and tells her that she can't have a boyfriend until she moves out for collage. So as soon as she could she started to go to collage to be a nail and hair person cus that was the only thing she had ever wanted to be. And then she and Lux got a dorm together. Until they get married or have a serious relationship with someone other wise they will always live together. She found a guy named Jason Bieber (she had no clue who justin bieber was) who was studying to do men's hair. She met him at one of their class meetings. They where both about to go to the bathroom and Anna accidentally tripped Jason so she said 'oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Are you ok?' 'I'm fine' he had that squeaky girly voice like his father had. It was so annoying but yet so cute at the same time. The next day he found Anna's dorm and asked if he could come in. The girls said yes only cus they where lonely.
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