It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


18. 18

The next day amber took the girls to Six Flags Great America to go on Zayn could only go one ride cus he had to go to a interview at 8:30 and it's about 7:00 but the lines can get really long sometimes so they came early. Zayn just walked in there like he owned the place and walked past and didn't even show them his pass. I was kinda embarrassed when the security guard stopped him and almost kicked him out cus he didn't show his pass but he took out his ID for the band. The guard said 'omg. I'm sooo sorry Zayn. I'm a huge fan. I guess I didn't recognize you. Go ahead.' 'its ok. This time' he added 'come on honey.' 'wait. Anna where's Lux?' 'I don't know mom, she was just here a second ago' 'try the bathrooms Anna, you know she likes mirrors like me.' 'Oh yea I forgot about that' 'she's also a huge trouble maker. That's Probably why she didn't tell us' 'well do you have her cellphone number?' 'I think so. If not I know Harry has it*looks threw his phone* yup. It's right here' he called her.' She must have ignored it cus it went right to voice mail.' 'well leave a message.' 'Lux it's Zayn. Where did you go. If you don't answer we're gonna call your mom and tell her you ran off' she texts back. Shhhh. I don't know where I am. Somebody just picked me up and put me in a truck. They don't know I have a phone though and I'm really scared. Zayn texts back it's ok sweetie. We are gonna call the cops right now. Put your phone on silent not even vibrate he/she might hear it. She replies ok. Pls hurry. I'm really freaking out! He don't text back but he calls 911 right after he reads the text '911 what is the matter?' 'my daughters friend got Kidnapped. We are at six flags but she told us that the person put her in a truck' 'well how did she tell you?' 'she texted. The person don't know she has a phone' 'ok. Can we have her name, age, and number 'Lux 13 and (***)***-****.' 'ok. We will track her phone and then we will text her what to do.' Ok. Thank you so much officer' *hangs up* 'I can't believe she got kidnapped' 'well you got to go to your meeting now' 'well guess what I'm not going. This is more important than a stupid interview' 'what are you gonna tell her mom?' 'I'll call her right now and tell her to come over here' 'ok.' 'hey Anne, it's Zayn. Lux got kidnapped! I just wanted to tell you that and if you want you can come over here. She still has her phone and I called the cops' 'ok. Thanks for telling me. I will be over right away!'
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