It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


17. 17

Before the divorce was completely filled out Fabi changed her mind and said that even if Liam wasn't a part of one direction she still couldn't do this divorce. She just can't break a heart no matter if she really means it or not. Liam said to her 'Fabi. Did you really mean the divorce?' 'I did at first but now I'm having second thoughts and they are just haunting me In my dreams and I just can't take it any longer.' she paused and then continued 'I would never leave you sweetie' 'me neither baby cakes' 'well is it too late to cancel the divorce or do we have to get remarried?' 'I would think you could Probaly cancel it but who knows how long that would take' 'o-well it's worth the wait and cost' 'baby don't worry about the money. We have plenty' 'ok. Let's just start from the beginning'

After the divorce they started from the beginning but this time getting more deep into each other every minute they talked. After just 6months they got remarried they eventually forget about the divorce and just continue their life together. They where gonna have another kid but they decided that would be too much to handle at one time with already having a bunch of little about 2 year olds running around the house. Amber and Zayn where the only couple that had more than one kid this one they named Zack. Then they adopted a 12 year old girl that had been named by her original parents Emily but the couple renamed her to Anna they liked her original name but they like to start all their kids' names with either an 'A' or a 'Z' like in their own names. Zayn wanted Anna to become best friends with Lux who is just a year older than her. Amber didn't feel to good today but Zayn forced her to come with so she could meet lux for the first time. He remembered when she was just a little baby. He said to amber 'did you know that I influenced her to love mirrors and herself just like me!' 'yes Zayn when I was about her age I saw a bunch of pictures and posts about it' 'I thought there was just a couple posts' 'nope there was a bunch' she added 'Zaynie, is it true that your three biggest fears are water, heights, and the dark?' 'yes. It's all sadly true' 'I know the perfect way to get rid of all of those fears!' 'how? It don't involve swimming dose it?' 'no it dose not involve swimming. It's this roller-coaster that was new when I was Anna's age. Kourtney went on it before me so l texted her on what it was like and she told me I have to scream on the first drop or you won't be able to scream at all so I said I don't like to scream and she said TOO BAD DO IT! Then I said I scared. She said its ok just close your eyes and think about me Taylor Lautner and Zayn (I had a crush on him then. I still kinda do but he's WAY TOO OLD FOR ME. And I have you) and I said ok. Lol. Then after the ride I texted her saying I didn't scream at all' 'how dose it get rid of my fear of water and the dark?' 'well the dark l don't know but for water it sprays you a little but it feels good' 'ok. I'll do it for you. And we could bring Lux and Anna on it of they are tall enough' 'ok. Let's go find lux and get her and Anna to be friends first' 'I'll call her parents and see if they have moved to another house or if they are still in their same house and you go get Anna'
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