It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


16. 16

The boys where not as famous as they where about 6 years ago but they still have the band and still make songs though. It's just girls don't get so crazy about them cus they are all married which means they all know they wont ever have a chance with us so they don't get all crazy like they used to when we where all single. Fabi was finally smart enough to figure out that Liam was from one direction and filed a divorce with him right away and Liam was ok with it cus he admitted he was cheating on her anyway cus he knew she was gonna find out that he was part of one direction soon and divorce him so he already got another gf named Reanna. Reanna and Liam had gone out since last year, she had no clue he was already married or that he was rich. The day they filed the divorce he had Reanna come over and he showed her the house but she went into the living room and saw a pop magazine on the coffee table and read the front cover and it read "Liam Payne divorced Fabi!" she found the page that had the article and read it "Are Fabi and Liam over? Today we interviewed Fabi, Liam's wife here's what she said, 'Liam and I have never had a fight but this time I got really mad at him and
filed a divorce right away. I love him but this time he kept a huge secret from me' 'and what was that secret he kept from you?' 'well some how he knew that I hated one direction (no offence to people who love them and to the boys) but I personally think they sound like girls when they sing and he never told me that he was from one direction. He also was cheating on me with this Reanna chic since last year!' 'that must be terrible! Being cheated on for a year AND having a huge secret be kept from you' 'yea. It is' 'who ever this Reanna chic is should be ashamed of herself!' Reanna just stormed out of the house leaving the magazine open to the page of the article on the table. Liam walks in and sees Reanna missing and also sees the magazine and reads the article. He mumbled to himself 'omg. How could I have done this to her?' Louis walks in and asked him what was wrong he said absolutely nothing. He just sat there like he was dead. Louie called Zayn Niall Hazza Sara Amber Autumn and Kourtney downstairs. None of them knew what had happened to him untill they saw the magazine. Harry said 'look at this magazine article, Reanna must have saw it and left him' Kourtney said 'I probably would have done the same thing if I read that about Harry and I' 'hey! I have feelings too you know' 'lol Harry! I would only do that if I found out that you where married to someone else and dating me at the same time' Harry rolls his eyes at Kourtney Zayn asks Liam 'do you want to go find her? Or do you just wanna stay single till you find another girl?' 'I'm not gonna do that at all. I'm gonna have a contest to find a gf!' 'oh no your not!' 'why?' 'cus you don't just have a contest for a random fan to be your gf' 'well to bad cus that's what I'm doing. It will be a kissing contest. Who ever gives me the best kiss first wins and gets to be my gf!' 'ok. But we're telling you now it's not gonna work as planed'
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