It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


15. 15

A year after the wedding louie and Sara got into a small fight. Lou wouldn't let her into their room so she asked Louis if she could at least get some of her clothes and personal stuff he let her come in just to get some things. He said 'you can have all the stuff you can grab in 6mins but thats it so grab your important stuff first. Then get your other stuff if you have time' 'ok. Fine. I don't get how I married such a strict guy!' 'at least you didn't marry a jerk' 'what did you just say?' she said looking like she was about to kill him. 'nothing!' 'that's what I thought.' Sara was done getting all the stuff she could grab and put it all in her suitcase. She was just about to leave to her parents' house when Louie comes up to her and picks her up and gives her a big kiss. She said to Lou 'I thought you where mad at me' 'I believe you about not cheating on me' 'you know I would never do that. Right?' 'yes. I would never do that either. I love you too much to ever do that to you and then what would we do with Scott' 'yea. I guess my parents would be horrified if they had to help me take care of a little baby for who knows how long' 'did you call them and tell them you where coming over for a while?' 'yea but I will call them back and tell them that we are back together and I don't need a house' 'ok. Do it now so they aren't expecting you to come over' 'wait. I Left my phone in our room' 'here. Use mine' ' they don't have your number' 'O-well. Just try I will go get your phone just in case.' sure enough they didn't pick up. 'here' Lou said 'thanks' she dialed her parents number they answered and asked 'are you on your way?' she answered 'no. I'm not coming any more' 'why. Did you find your own place?' 'no. Me and Louis are back together' 'after he kicked you out of the house?!' 'yes mom' 'ok whatever. Its your life not mine' 'ok. Well I got to go. Bye!' 'bye. Love you' 'love you too!' *hangs up* sara asks Lou 'you wanna go out for a romantic dinner? Just the two of us' 'ok. Where do you want to go to?' how about Panera' 'sure. That sounds good to me' 'do you wanna call the limo driver or have me drive?' 'what if I want to drive?' 'you know I don't ever let you drive. You drive like 10mph just on the freeway!' 'Uggghhhh what ever just tell Zayn or Harry to drive us there' 'ok.' 'Zayn get your butt down here and drive me and Sara to Panera for dinner!!' but he didn't hear us cus he was making out with his wife 'HELLOOO??? ZAYN!!!' 'I'll go get him' said Louie. He walked up stairs and into his room to see him kissing his wife completely ignoring their daughter crying in her crib to try and get out so Lou took Amaya out of her crib and was snuggling her to try and calm her down So Zayn could hear him asking to drive him and his wife. Zayn ended up getting them all to Panera instead of just Louis and Sara. They where kinda upset that it wasn't just the two of them but they got over it.
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