It all started with a trip

This is my first MOVELLA but I write stories all the time. I am currently in 7th grade and I am 12 yrs old and I'm writing the sequel for this right after I post it. I am going to post all or almost all the chapters today so don't expect up dates untill the sequel comes out


13. 13

Hazza Niall Zayn Louie and Liam and their gfs where searching the whole continent for Amber. They all knew how important she was to Zayn. They made posters that said

(Her picture)

Reward: 1O,000$ OR a personal 1D concert on your chosen date.
Call: (***)***-**** if she is found

They posted these posters all around in Canada and the USA
A couple days later they got a call. They said that they saw her on the cover of pop magazine kissing Justin Bieber in LA which means she isnt far from here (they are in hollywood) 'ok. Thank you soo much! What do you want your reward to be?' ' oh no l don't want the reward'
'are you sure?' 'yes I'm just glad to help someone' 'ok. Thank you sooo much. I missed her sooo much!' 'ok. Bye' 'bye!'. 'Hey everyone!! We found her and of course she went straight to Justin >:( so lets go. Louis you can't drive that's for sure. So I guess I will drive so we can go quickly. I can't have him kissing my girl any more!' *about 10mins later* 'ok we are there!' *Amber sees their van and runs over there* 'Zayn!! I missed you so much!!' 'me too cupcake' 'I'm Soooo sorry for treating you badly and kinda cheating on you!' 'I will forgive you if you If you go and dump Justin right now.' 'ok. I will for you' 'oh and also make sure the paparazzi see you so they don't think you are cheating on me' 'ok'. 'Justin?' 'yes?' 'we are threw!' 'wait why?' cus I found Zayn again.' 'so your just gonna leave me?' 'yup! Bye!' *walks back by Zayn* 'baby, I dumped him! I'm ALL yours now!' 'awesome. I love you and will NEVER LET YOU GO AGAIN
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