the truth about love

haley scott never imagined meeting her true loves at a supermarket she also never imagined she would have to choose between them. haley had alot on her plate already with college soccer swimming gymnastics and ice skating so when she ran into international boy band one direction at the supermarket and fell for two of the members her life was harder than ever so who does she choose read to find out


1. meeting the boys

cheese cheese cheese i thought to myself why do the supermarkets have to move around just keep the store the same way i was cut off by someone yellig "hey watchout'" next thing i know im being knocked over by this tall guy  "ouch" i yelled  "gett off of me " the boy fastly stood up i looked into his beautiful blue eyes what are you thinking haley you just met the boy "im so sorry love my names louis" he smiled holding hand out for me to shake i took it "haley" i said "so louis what are you doing running around in the supermarket" i asked him " well you see love me and my friends we-" he was cut off by a shorter guy with blonde hair "louis are you alright lad i had a bad throw it was all my fau-" he stoped after noticing me for the first time "im so sorry love are you okay" he asked me "im fine" i answered  "well im niall" "haley" i answered back "well love how about we take you out to meet our friends tonight to make itnup to you" louis asked " its okay im fine " i replied hoping to just get going " you dont know who we are do you" niall asked " yeah do thats louis and you irish " i replied " yeah but thats all you know about us right " he asked "yes niall im not a stalker andif i agree to go out with you guys will you leave me alone" i asked him "come to our flat at seven give me you phone so i can put our numbers in and you can yours in ours" i handed him my phone and he and niall handed me theres " k love well see you later" niall said "bye" i called as i lleft wow who thought so much could happen at the super market i left and went to my car to go home when i got a text from louis<3 wow really i thought to myself shaking my head i opened the message it read hello love the adress is 1415 maple drive see you tonight - boo bear boo bear i thought to myslef wierd




when i got home i realized i forgot to get my groceries im really stupid sometimes i checked the time it read 6:50 shoot i thought i looked at the adress and it said 1415 maple dirve.... wait i live on 1417 this cant be right but when i looked across the street to 1415 to see niall talking to a dark haired boy hmm there my neighbors how could i never have known theat some people moved into that house last year but are barely home maybe they travel alot i thought well i might as well get going so i locked my doors and set off across the street when i knocked on the door i heard a bunch of voices yelling so me being my snoopy self listened i heard louis yell ill get it along with 3 other boys while one was yelling boys settle down hmm wierd how may friends does he live with then i heard a bunch of thumping and running when louis with his hair messed up came to the door "hello love " he said welcoming me into his flat  





sorry if it sucks its my first story 

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