Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


4. The truth is out

Niall's POV

"Niall?" Harry called. "You ok?" "Leave me alone Harry." I mutter. "Niall, who was that?" Louis said."Who is Meghan?" "I'll tell you guys in the morning." I say. I lay down and try to sleep.

~The next morning.~

 I get up quietly. Maybe I can get out before the buys wake up. I go downstairs and grab a banana and head for the door. "Niall?" Liam said coming downstairs. "Where are you going?" "Nowhere." I mutter sitting down at the table.  "Good cause when the others wake up your telling us who this Meghan is?" "Fine." I say. "Niall trying to weasel out of telling us who this Meghan is?" Zayn said coming downstairs followed by Harry. "Yep." Liam said."But I caught him." I smile weakly. "Wheres Lou?" Harry asked. "Still asleep." Zayn said. "Go wake him up." Liam said. 'Niall has to tell who this Meghan is." Zayn headed upstairs. "No weaseling out of this Niall." Harry said. I slowly take a bite out of my banana. Zayn came down carrying a sleeping Louis down. "Here he is." Zayn said seting him down on the couch. "Wake up Louis." Harry said in his ear. "I'm up." Louis said sitting up. "Is Niall ready to tell us?" He asked cheekily. "Sure." I mutter looking down at my banana. "Then tell." Zayn said sitting down in the chair next to me. "Ok." I sighed. "Back in Ireland my best friend for ever was Meghan." "Then why is she sorry?" Liam asked. "When we were 13 her family moved to American and she never told me." I say. "I thin she wanted to. She snuck out to talk to me the night before she move but her mom called her back." "Ok." "Yea. "I sigh. "And we haven't talked since." "My goal before the X-factor was to find her and say my good byes." "Did you?" Louis asked. "No." I say. "I still want too." "Then lets." Harry said. "Were doing out american tour soon. Now that she nows your in One Direction she will probably  come right?" "Right." I say my eyes lighting up. "i'll find a way to find out she is there." "And we will help you." Liam said. 'Thanks guys." I smile. "Lets go find Meghan" Louis cheered.

~Meghan's POV~

"Ok." Sarah said looking at my comment. "One why are you sorry and two how do you know him?" "It's a long story Sar." I sigh. "Its only..." She said turning the the clock. "3am." "I'll tell in the morning. I laugh. "Ok?' "Ok. In the morning.' She agreed. "See you in the morning." I yawn. "It is morning." She yawned back. 


"Meghan wake up." Sarah said shaking me. "Mmmmm" I say turning over. "It's 8:30 time to talk. "Ugh.'' I mutter sitting up. "Fine but I need Starbucks first." "Here you go." Sarah said giving me a carmel mocha. I take a long sip. The heat was transferred all over my body waking me up. "Much better." I say. "So what did I say I was going to tell you?" "How you know Niall?" Sarah said. "Well." I start. "You know how i'm from Ireland?" "Yea." "Well back there the Horans lived across the street from us." "What?" Sarah squeaked. "Really no way!" "Yea." I smile. "Niall was my best friend back then." Sarah's eyes grow wide. "We did everything together and I got to ambit that I had a crush on him back then." "Really." Sarah said. "Then we got to go to their concert." I smile. "And." Sarah continued. "I got us back stage passes." Really?" I say." "Yep." "Thanks so much Sar" I say giving her a big hug. "I know." Sarah grinned."Now question number two. Why are you sorry?" "Well when were 13 my family moved here." I start. "And I never told Niall." "Oh girl." sarah whispered. A tear rolls down my face. "and I wanted to so the night before we moved I meet Niall and was going to tell him but my mom called me home." "I never told him and I never said good bye." I whisper. "And he said he would see my tomorrow and I didn't corrected him." Sarah reached over and wrapped me in a hug and I cried. "At that concert you will see Niall and you will fix everything." She said. "You think so." I sniffed. 'I know so." We sit there on the couch hugging. It felt so good to get my tears out I just hope Niall is as understanding as Sarah is.

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