Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


9. Sorry

Meghan's POV

Niall was staring at me. I hid behind Louis. So far he was the closet thing I had to a friend besides Sarah and Hayden. "Come on Meg." Louis said grabbing one of my suitcases lets go unpack. I grabbed the other. "Niall?" Louis called."Led the way." Almost reluctantly he looked away from me and lead the way up the stairs. "The first room on the left." He says. He opens the door and lets us in. I drop my bags in surprise. "It's huge." I gasp. Niall let out a laugh."You always thought everything was too big." "Did not." I mumble blushing. He gives me a half smile. I look at the ground smiling. On the way in I stumble. I fall sideways into Niall. "Sorry." I giggle. "It's ok." he laughs. "Just like old times right Meghan?" "Yea." I say. "Old times." I get off Niall still giggling. I offer him a hand up. He grabs it only to pull me down again. "Nialler." I laugh. "What was that for?" "I've missed my Meggy." He says giving me a hug. "I've missed u too Nialler." Hugging him back. "Did I interrupt something?" I jump up to see Louis standing a the door holding my other suitcase. "No." I say blushing. "We were just catching up." Niall said sitting on his bed. "Ok." Louis said. 

Louis POV

I grab Meghan's suitcase and follow her an Niall up. Before I go into Niall's room I go into mine to get my stuff out of it.  Sarah was in there unpacking."Erm" I say. She jumps around."Oh sorry Lou." She said. "I forgot you had to move out first." I laugh. "You do know this is Harry's room too?" "Really?" She said. "Yep. And just to warn you he sleeps with his shirt off." Sarah's eyes widen. Every girl got like this."Well i'm going to get my stuff and head to Niall's room." I say grabbing my stuff and heading out the door.  I hurry over to Niall's room. I walk in to see him and Meghan hugging. Great at this rate they're be dating by the end of the two weeks! "I'm I interrupting something." I asked. Meghan jumped back. "nothing." She said blushing. "We were just catching up." Niall said. "well then lets get unpacking. 

~After unpacking~

Meghan's POV

"I'm going to go check on Hammy." I called hoping out of the room. "I peeked into the room across the hall. Harry and Sarah were siting on the beds talking.  Not it. I hurry over to the door farther down the hall. Hayden was unpacking while Zayn was napping. I hurry in. "Hammy." I said giving him a hug. "Meghan." He said his eyes gleaming. "What to help me unpack the rest of my stuff?" "Why can't Zayn do it?" I asked. "I just unpacked my stuff." "Fine." Hayden said."Let's wake up Zayn.  We turn to his bed but it was empty.  "Great he heard us planing." I moan."Now i'm stuck helping you unpack."  "Come on." Hayden urged me."Lets get unpacking." Giggling I sit down next to Hayden and help him sort through all his stuff. When we were done Niall walked in. "Niall." I cry. "You could have helped us unpack you know?"  "I know." he said coming over to us. "Niall." I say."What Meggy?" I leap onto his back. "Give me a piggyback downstairs please. Laughing we head down stairs. "See you at dinner Hammy." I call over shoulder. Grinning he waved at me. "Bye Meghan." He called back. "Where we going Niall?" I laughed. "You'll see." He said taking me outside. I put my head on his shoulder grinning. It was great to have Niall as a friend again.

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