Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


12. Plane ride

Louis POV

We hurry into the airport. "We got to get to the plane before the fans find out we're leaving." Meghan said. "Don't be mean to the fans love." I laugh. "It's just-" Meghan starts. "Meghan's claustrophobic." Niall said. "Just like you Nialler." She giggles.  I sigh. I wish I was as close to Meghan as Niall is. "How are we going to sit on the plane?" I ask. "I want to sit next to Niall and Louis." Meghan called. "Ok." Harry smirked. "That takes care of the three cabin. Sarah and I will take one so Zayn you and Liam get the last one." We all nod. "That works." Sarah said blushing. Flight 14A to London bordering down." The announcer said.  "Thats us." Meghan squealed. "Lets go." We grab out carry ons and hurry to the gate. "I'll catch up with you in a sec guys." Niall said. "Where is he going?" Meghan asked. I shrug. "Guys keep up." Harry called. "Coming." I call back grabbing Meghan's hand and pulling her along. We board the plane and find our seats. "Niall still isn't here." Meghan said with worry in her voice. "He'll be here soon." I promised her.  Hey guys." Niall said sitting down next to Meghan. "Where were you?" Meghan asked. "No where." Niall said. "Only to pick up some pizza." He handed us each a slice. "Thanks Niall." Meghan said giving him a hug. "No problem." He said. "You ok Lou?" I turn to see Meghan looking at me. "I'm fine Meghan." I say giving her a quick hug.  "Ok," Meghan sighed. "I don't like my friends to be upset." I give her a small smile. Why can't she see my pain?

Meghan's POV

Something about Louis seemed off. "You ok Lou?" I ask. "Yea i'm fine." He saids weakly. He was lying. I could tell. I'll figure it out somehow. "Ok." I say sweetly. "I don't like my friends to be upset." He smiled weakly. "Niall could you excuse us?" I ask. "Sure." He said hopping up and walking out of the cabin. "Ok what's up Louis." I said turning to face him. "I told you." Louis said. "Nothings up." "Stop lying Lou." I say. "Fine." He sighed. "I think i'm in love with someone but she doesn't know." "Oh Lou."I sigh. "You need to tell her how you feel." "Does that work?" He asked. "Yea." I smile. "It does." "Meg-" Louis starts but Niall walked in. "Hey Meghan." He said. "Hey Niall." I smiled. "I got to talk to you." He said nervously. "Sure." I said jumping up. "Be right back Lou." I said. He leads me to the back of the plane. "What's up Niall?" I ask. "I got an important question for you." He muttered looking at the floor. "What is it?" I asked. "You can ask me anything," "Ok." He said. "Meghan O'Conner will you go out with me?"

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