Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


11. One gone

Meghan's POV

I wake up in a queen sized bed. For a second I forgot where I was. I look over to see Louis asleep mumbling something about carrots. The memories of yesterday came flooding back. I quietly get out of bed and walk over to Louis bed. "Wake up BooBear." I yell as I jump on his bed. "What the-" Louis said leaping out of the bed. I fall back laughing. "Good morning Lou." "Morning love." He says pushing me of his bed. "Where's Niall?" I ask from the floor. Louis looks around. "There." He whispers to me. "He points to the couch where you can see his blond hair above the covers. I slip over there. "Lou hand me a feather." I whisper. Louis walks over and hands me a feather while he had a bottle of whip cream. I giggle as he sprays Niall with it. "Tickle his nose." Louis says when he was done. I tickle his nose. "Not my nose." He giggles. "Niall's nose." "Oh." I say. "you got to be clearer next time." "Why were you guys going to tickle me nose?" Niall asked sitting up. Louis and I leap back in surprise. "N- no reason." I stammer. "Lou Meggy." Niall asked. "what did you do?" "It was BooBear's idea." i say getting up and running out of the room. "Hey."Louis said as he follows me. "Don't blame me." He get downstairs where everyone else is. We leap behind the couch. "If Niall asked we went out the door." Louis whispered. "Louis Meghan." Niall yells as he rushed downstairs. "Where did they go?" Everyone brush out laughing. "Niall." Harry laughed. "You forgot to clean up after your midnight snack." "Did not." Niall said. "Louis and Meghan did this to me." "Join the club." Zayn said. "They got me and Liam too." Liam nodded. "That just leaves me." Harry said. "Got to go." He rushed upstairs shooting us a glare as he passes. "Ok." Niall said. "Where are they?" "They ran out the door." Sarah said. "She's pointing to the couch." Louis whispers. "Lets get out of here." We crawl away slowly trying not to be seen. "There they are." Zayn shouted pointing at us. "Zayn." I whine as Niall leaps over the couch and wraps me in a whip cream hug. "Niall." I say pushing him off."You ruined my outfit." "You haven't gotten dress yet." Niall laughed his eyes twinkling.  Hey." I said looking around. "Where's Hammy?" "He left." sarah said. "Why?" I ask. "He got a call last night about something said it was urgent." Harry shrugged. "He told us to tell you good bye and he would see you someday." "Oh." I said sitting on the couch. "Don't be upset Meghan." Louis said sitting down next to me. "Yea." Niall said taking the other side. "He wouldn't have had as much fun as you and Sarah anyway." "I guess so." I sighed. "On a bright note." Harry said. "Pancakes are ready." "Yays." I said jumping up. Come on you two." I grab Niall's and Louis's hand and drag them into the kitchen.

Niall's POV

Meghan's And Louis's prank was good but they were getting close. I hope Louis wasn't falling for her because I liked her first. Though if I was Meghan I would chose Louis over me too. Sighing I join the others at the table. Meghan was still a little glum about that Hayden boy leaving.  Not to be mean but I was glad he was gone. He and Meghan had to much history for my likes. "Niall." Meghan said. "I bet I can still eat more pancakes then you." "You used to be able to eat more then Niall?" Harry asked his eyes wide. "She Used too."I said. "But not anymore your on little girl." "Little girl?" Meghan laughed. "I'm only 2 inches shorted then you." "It's two more for me." I say stuffing a pancake in my mouth. We eat and eat. We both end up eating right pancakes. "Bravo." Louis said. "I've never seen a girl eat that much before." "Well get used to it Lou." Meghan laughed. "Cause i'm here to stay." I smile. I hope she is right. Life was so much better with Meghan here. I just wish I could tell her the truth when she was awake. I had finally told her last night but when she was asleep. If she didn't like me back the whole trip would just be unbearable. I'll find a way to tell her. I hope.

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