Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


23. Monday

Meghan's POV

"Wake up Louis." I cry leaning down so I can yell in his ear. "It's Monday." "No Mom." He muttered. "I don't want to go to school today." I giggle quietly. "Honey. You need to get up and get dressed." "Mom." He complained. I looked over at Zayn. He was sitting up in bed filming Louis. I nod. Zayn catches my eye and winks. "Louis William Tomlinson." I say sternly. "If you don't get out of bed this second you will lost your phone." "Not my phone." He cried leaping out of bed. I nearly fall out of bed laughing. Louis was wearing his "I heart Harry." boxers. "Got you Lou." I cry. "Meghan." He whined. "Zayn stop recording." "Post it." I cry. "Post it." "Don't you dare." Louis said lunging for Zayn's phone. Zayn tossed his phone to me. I grab it and run out of the cabin. "Come back here Meghan." Louis called following me out. "No." I laugh back. "This is my phone now." I run past Kathleen passing her the phone. She giggled but remained still. "Lou." She called. "Meghan has the phone." "No duh." Louis said rushing at me. I try to pick up speed but Louis was gaining. "Louis." I laugh as she grabs me around the waist and started carrying me back to the cabin. "Give me the phone." He said. "No." I cry. "It's mine." "Don't make me tickle you." Louis said. "No." I gasp. Don't tickle me." "If you don't give me the phone." Louis said. "I'll have to." "I don't have it." I laugh. "Who does?" He asked placing me back on the ground. "I don't know?" I say taking off. "Zayn." I call. "He's on to us." Zayn run to the door. I leap ino the cabin. "Lock the door." I gasp. Zayn nodded. Kathleen sat on her bed fiddling with Zayn's phone. "Over here Kat." I call. She tosses me the phone. I crack the door to see Louis standing on the other side of the door. "This what you want?" I ask him showing him Zayn's phone. "Yes." He cried making a wild grab for the phone. I pull it back. "No way." I laugh. I open twitter making sure Louis could see. "You want me too?" I ask. "Meghan?" He said his eyes growing wide. "Please don't." "Why not Lou." I giggle. "Becuase." He said backing up. "I can do this." He ran to the door. The door open throwing me down. My head hit the ground. HARD. I drop Zayn's phone and watch it bounce under the bed. "Meghan." Louis cried. "I'm so sorry." "It's ok." I mummer rubbing the back of my head. A bump was already forming. "No it's not." Zayn said. "That's a nasty bump. Lou lets take her to the nurse. If there is one." "Let's ask Matt." I mutter trying to stand. "Is the room spinning?" Louis scooped me up. "No walking for you." "Thanks Lou." I mummer slowly drifting off.

~Some time later~

I wake up back on my bunk. What this morning a dream. I lean down to see Louis sitting on his bunk. I jump off my bunk and come to sit by him. "What time is it?" "About 11." he said looking at his watch. "The kids will be here in an hour." "Sorry about this morning." I mutter, "It's my fault." He said laying down. "No." I sighed. "I should have given you the phone." "No." He said. "I knew you were there and I shouldn't have tried to get in like that." "Lets just say that it was both our faults and get ready to meet the kids." I say. "Deal." He said shaking my hand. "Let's go get some food." I nod. I haven't eaten all day." We hurry out and head for the mess hall. "Meghan." I turn to see Zayn and Kathleen troting over to us. "How's your head?" Zayn ask hopping off BB. "Much better." I said rubbing the back of my head. It was still a little sore. "Were going to the mess hall for a snack before the kids get here." Louis explained. "You guys want to join us?" "Sure." Kathleen said. "We're just going to put the horses up and get the barn ready." "See you in ten." Zayn called turning his horse and heading for the barn. "Ok." I call. "Come on Lou." I say walking towards the mess hall. "Let's eat."

~One Hour Later~

Louis's POV

"Louis." Meghan called from the window. "The bus is coming." Kathleen jumpped up and ran to the window. "There here." She said. "Let's go meet them." I watch as Meghan and Kathleen hurry out of the mess hall. "What is it with girls and little kids?" I ask Zayn. He shrugged. "We will never know." "Louis. Zayn." Mdghan yelled. "Get out here." I sigh and follow Zayn out of the mess hall. The bus pull to a stop in front of us. "How many kids come to this camp anyway?" I ask. "Only a couple." Matt said jogging up. "We only have two cabin and one of them is yours." "Good." Kathleen sighed. "I'm not good with names." "You know ours." Meghan laughed. Kathleen blushed. "Meghan." I said. "Let's go help the kids with their bags." She nodded. We hop onto the bus. "Hey kids." I grin. "Need any help woth your bags." "Your Louis Tomlinson." A little girl gasped. "Yep." I smiled. "What are your names." "Amanda." The girl said. "And this is my friend. "Kate." A short brown hair girl slipped down. "Shy." Meghan whispered. I nod. "What are your names?" I ask turningto the other three kids. "I'm Jack." A little boy said. "William." The taller boy said. "Charles." The last guy said. "But you can call me Charlie." I grab Amanda and Kate's bags. "Let's go." I say. "You guys still have to meet the others. "Are the other boys here?" Amanda asked. "Just Zayn." Meghan said. "Awww." Kate said. "I wanted to meet Niall." "Just ask Meghan about Niall." I said. "She knows a lot about him." "Why?" Kate asked. "Hey kids." Zayn called coming up followed by Kathleen and Matt. "Ready for camp?" They nod. "This is Amanda, Kate, William, Jack and Charlie." Meghan said. "I'm Zayn." Zayn said. "This is Kathleen. and our head counsolar Matt." "Meghan and Louis will help you guys unpack." Matt said. "At six you will come to the mess hall for dinner." The kids nod. I watch Meghan lead the kids to their cabin. This was my week. Everyone knew that a girl couldn't resist a guy playing with little kids. Meghan would be mine.



Only a couple chapters left till the end!!!!!!!

I know you all want Meghan and Niall to end up together but will Louis succed in breaking them up or will their love survive the seperation? Read on to find out ;) 

There will be a squel to this book.


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