Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


24. LOUIS!!!!!

Louis's POV


"Meghan wake up." I yell. "I'm up." She muttered buring her head in her pillow. I grimice and say "Niall's here."  She jumped out of bed. "Niall." She cried. "Where's Niall?" "Just getting you up." I laugh. "Thanks." She sighed. "Payback for yesturday?" I nod. "Let's get the campers up. "We got Charlie, Amanda, and Jake in out group." Meghan said. "Kathleen. You and Zayn got Kate and William." "Got it." Zayn called. "Come on Kathleen." I lead Meghan over to the kids cabin. "Charlie, Amanda Jake get your swimsuits on." I call. "We're swimming this morining." "I don't want to get up." Charlie said putting the pillow over his head. "Come on Charlie." Meghan said. "Swimming is going to be fun." "But it's cold." Jake said from the bunk next to Charlie's. "It's a heated pool and it's inside." Amanda said. "Right?" I nod. "That's right. So let's get moving." Jake muttered something about waking up too early as we walked out of the cabin. "They're warm up by the time we get in the pool." Meghan muttered walking towards the pool. "Bring the kids to the pool." I watch her go. "Isn't she with Niall?" I turn to see Charlie sstanding at the door. I nod."But you like her." Charlie said. I nod again. "But you can't have her." I shake my head. "She will be mine." Charlie stood still. "Sure." "Go to the pool." I growl sitting down. He turned and started towards the pool. "Hey Charlie." I call. He turned. "Don't tell Meghan." He nodded slowly and continued to walk to the pool. "Charlie." Jake yelled running out of the cabin. "Wait up." I watch the two boys race towards the pool. "Hey." I see Amanda walk out of the cabin. "Let's go." I follow Amanda to the pool. Jake and Charlie were already in the pool. "Come on Mandi." Jake called from the pool. "You're right it is heated." "No duh i'm right." Amanda laughed jumping in the pool. I walk over to Meghan sitting on the side of the pool. "What's the matter?" I ask. "Niall didn't text me this morning." She muttered putting her head on my chest. "It's ok." I say stroking her hair. "Zayn Kathleen and I are here to text you." "Thanks Louis." She said. "No prob." I say leaning back. 

~Skip rest of morning~

Meghan's POV

I sit down next to Kathleen. "How was horseback riding?" I ask. "Great." She grinned. "Kate was amazing and William is getting better. How was swimming?" "Ok." I sighed. "The kids had a blast." "Did you?" I turn to see Zayn sit down on my other side. "I guess?" I muttered. "You guess?" Zayn said. "Niall didn't text her this morning." Louis said sitting down. "He didn't?" I shake my head blinking away tears. "I bet he's just busy." Kathleen said. "Isn't there interview later today?" Louis ask. I nod slowly. "So that means.." Kathleen started. "He's just going to call later." I gasp. A camera clicked outside. "Is that." I start. "Paparazzi." Zayn growled. "How did they find us?" Louis cried. "They find us everywhere." Zayn sighed. "They can't come in here right?" We turn to see Jake standing looking out the window. "No." Louis said.  "They just take pictures. They won't bother us." "Why don't we let them take a group picture then they might leave us alone?" Charlie suggested. "Good idea Charlie." I cry. "Is everyone ok with that?" They nod. I follow Louis outside with the kids. "If we let you take a group picture will you leave us alone?" Zayn suggested. "That works for us." A photographer said. I let Jack climb onto my back while Amanda got on Louis's back. Kate got on Zayn's back and William got on Kathleen's back. "Charlie you pose in the front." Zayn said. 

~After an hour of pictures~

Louis's POV

"Ok that's enough." Matt said shooing the paparazzi away. "No more pictures at my camp." "Thank you Matt." Charlie said. "That was to many pictures." "Sorry Charlie." Matt said. "How can I make it up to you guys?" "How about you throw them a camp night?" Zayn said. "Yea." Kathleen grinned. "Zayn and I could take the kids on a ride to the lake." "Meghan and I could go set up a picnic down there." I suggest a plan forming in my head. "Good idea Lou." Meghan nodded. "Is that ok?" Matt nodded. "You guys can head out now." "Irish Luck and Angel are still saddled." Kathleen called as I lead Meghan to the barn. "This is going to be great." Meghan said jogging ahead. I smile nodding. She had no idea. We enter the barn to see Irish Luck Angel BB and a white stallion waiting. I hop on Angel and Help Meghan up onto Irish Luck. "Lt's go." 

~Skip Ride there~

We stop at the bottem on the waterfall falling into the lake. "It's perfect." Meghan whispered hopping off Irish Luck. "I know." I mutter watching Meghan. "Let's get set up." Meghan grabbed the saddlebag and took out the blanket. I helped her spread it out. As we sit up our head hit. "Ouch." Meghan laughed. "You ok?" I ask staring deep into those brown eyes. She nodded. "I'm fine." She pushed a piece of hair out of her face. I give a slight smile. "Are you ok?" She asked. A bump was forming on my forehead but I nod. "I'm good." "Lou there's a big bump on your head." She said. "You are not fine." She handed me an icepack. "Where's the bump?" I ask. "Give it back." Meghan said. She lightly placed the icepack on my head. The ache disappeared. "That's better." I mutter. "Let me see." She said leaning in closer. I felt her warm breath on my head. I look up to see her careful move the icepack. "The bumps gone down." As she started to lean back I grab her arm. "Lou?" She asked. I couldn't help myself. I lean forward crashing my lips to hers.

Zayn's POV

Louis was up to something and I was going to find out. "I'm going to go see if Meghan and Louis need help." I call heading for the barn. "Ok." Kathleen called. "Be back soon." "Zayn." I turn to see Charlie following me. "Can I come?" I nod. "Sure." He grinned. "Louis is in love with Meghan isn't he?" I nod grimly. "And he wants her to love him back." "What about Niall?" Charlie questioned. "He wants Meghan." I sigh. "And he's willing to go through Niall to get her." Charlie remained quiet. We enter the barn. Irish Luck and Angel were gone leaving BB and a white stallion. "They're gone." Charlie cried. "We'll just have to follow him." I say hopping on BB. Charlie scrambled up on to the white stallion. "Ready?" I ask. He nodded. I lead the way out the barn. "This way." Charlie urged taking a left through the woods. I follow close behind. Before long I hear the crash of the waterfall. "Slow down." I tell Charlie. "We don't want to scare them." He nodded slowing to a trot. We follow the trail up to the edge of the waterfall. "There they are." Charlie said pointing to two figures on a blanket. "We got here in time." I gasp. "Look." Charlie cried. I look up to see the two figures kissing. "Louis." I cry bolting down the trail to where they were. 



One or two more chapters left! 

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