Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


22. Horseback riding

Meghan's POV

I hurry into the big red barn. "It's amazing." I gasp staring at it. "Let's go meet the horses." Kathleen said opening the doors. The lightly lit barn was warm and inviting. "I love it." I say heading to the first stall. A spotted horse was standing inside. "Irish Luck." I say reading the horse's name. "He's perfect for you." Zayn called. I turn to see Zayn and Louis walk in. "I know." I say petting Irish Luck's nose. "Which  horses are you two going to ride?" I ask grabbing a halter for Irish Luck. "I'm riding Snowie." Kathleen said saddling up a white mare. "I like BB." Zayn said standing next to a black horse. "I'll saddle him up for you." Kathleen said. "Meghan you saddle up Irish Luck and Louis's horse." I nod saddleing up Irish Luck. "Which horse do you want to ride?" I ask Louis. "I like this one." He said pointing to a light brown mare. "She's cute." I say saddling her up. "Her name's Angel." Louis said hopping on her back. I smile hopping on Irish Luck. As I lead the way out of the barn we pass Matt. "Hey Matt." I call to him. "Yea?" "Can you take a picture of us. "Sure thing." I hand him my phone. We get the horses together as Matt  took the picture. "Thanks Matt." I smile as he gives me my phone back. I sent the picture to Niall.

To Nialler- The horse's name is Irish Luck but I call Niall ;)

I turn off my phone and put it in my pocket. "Hey Meghan." Louis called. "Why don't you show me around." "Sure." I smile. "Kathleen you take Zayn." I urged Irish Luck into a trot as I lead Louis towards a map. "Oh." I cry. "Let's go see the waterfall. They say there's a trail there." "Sounds cool." "Can we come too?" I turn to see Zayn and Kathleen ride up." "Um ok." I shrug. As I turn I see Zayn and Louis shot each other death glances. What got those two mad at each other? "Come on Meghan." Kathleen said. "Race you to the falls."

~Skip the rest of the ride~

Louis's POV

I can't believe that Zayn just interuped our ride. A waterfall with just Meghan and me would have been the perfect time to tell her how I feel. As we leave the barn my phone buzzed. It was a tweet from Niall.


My beautiful girlfriend Zayn and Louis getting ready for a ride. Meghan's horse is named after me too :)

I narrow my eyes. "Hey Meghan." I call. "Can I see your phone mine er broke." "Sure thing." She said tossing me her phone. I quickly open up her twitter and close it so she won't see the tweet. "Here you go." I say handing her her phone back. "Thanks." She grinned. "See you guys at dinner." Kathleen called leading Meghan away. "What the hell Louis." Zayn yelled as soon as the girls were out of earshot. "What." I yell back. "I can go on a ride with a friend right?" "No a friend who you have a crush on and is dating on of your best friends." Zayn shouted at me. I didn't reply. "See." Zayn said. "You aren't over her. You can't break them up!" "Why not?" I shout back. "Niall loves her." Zayn cried. "And she loves him back." "Well I love her too." I cry. "Well you have to get over it." Zayn said. "And soon, cause i'm not letting you two get alone for one moment here." I storm away. Zayn could try but by the end of the two weeks Meghan would be mine.

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