Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


26. Final

Zayn's POV

I watch Meghan get on the bus. "She's really leaving." I turn to see Louis walking over. "And it's my fault." I nod my head. "I told you to control your feelings." He looked at me mournfully. "I know I just-" I cut him off. "You just couldn't help it." He nodded. "Do you know where she's going?" He asked. I shook my head. "All I know is that she's not going back to Niall." He looks up at me surprised. "Why?" "Why do you think?" I ask, "You kissed her and someone got a picture of it. She said she couldn't hurt Niall." "But I kissed her." He said jumping up. "Why isn't she trying to tell him that?" "I don't know." I say darkly. "But it's killing her and probably going to kill Niall." "Niall." Louis shout his eyes wide. "The picture. The inter view." Realization dawned on me. "No." I gasp. "They're going to show it to him." "We've got to call him and stop him." Louis cried. "It's my fault." "Do we even have time?" I ask. Louis looked at him watch. "Not much." I grab my phone and dial Niall's number. It starts to ring. "Please Niall." I breath. "Please pick up."

Niall's POV

I sat with Harry and Liam in make-up. "Your done." The girl said touching up Liam's make-up. I hop out of the seat and look at my phone. Still nothing from Meghan. I sigh putting the phone back in my pocket. "Nothing from Meghan?" I turn to see Sarah walk up. I nod. "She's probably busy with the kids." Sarah said. "She texted me earlier with this picture." She showed me a picture of Meghan, Louis, Zayn and another girl standing with five kids. "That's Charlie." Sarah said pointing to a dark hair boy standing between Meghan and Louis. "She reminders her of Ryder." I look closer. "It does kinda of look like him." Sarah smiled slightly. "Wish you were there?" I ask. She nodded sadly. "Seeing Meghan with another girl looking like they're best friends." "Trust me." I smiled ruffling her hair. "Your Meghan's BBF. She won't forget it." Sarah's smile brightened. "Thanks Niall. Your the best." I gave her a quick hug. "I know I am." "Ten minutes Niall." Harry called sticking his head in. "Well I need my pre show snack." I said getting up. "See you out there Sarah." "See you." Sarah said heading off in the direction Harry headed in. I head tp the snack table they set up backstage. "Hungry?" I turn to see Liam heading towards me. "Always." I say piling food on my plate. Liam grabed an apple and took a bite. "Worried about Meghan?" "Sort of." I say. "She hasn't texted me all day." "Calm down Nialler." Liam said. "Just becuase she doesn't text you doesn't mean that she isn't thinking of you." "Thanks Liam." I said sitting down. He smiled and sat down next to me. "Don't eat too much." "I won't."

~5 minutes later

I was finshing the last of my food when Harry came in followed by Sarah. "They're ready for us." I throw away my plate and sstart to follow them when my phone buzzed. I grab it hoping for it to be Meghan. Zayn's name lit up the screen. What could he want? I was just about to answer it when Liam came in. "Now Niall," I shrug and shove my phone back in my pocket. Zayn would just have to wait. I followed Liam out onto the stage. The music starts and the interviewer come out. "How's everyone." He asked.

"Good." I mumble.

"Great." The others said.

"Well." The interviewer countinued . "It looks like we're missing a couple boys, where are they?"

"They're back in America." Liam explained. "With a friend." Harry said.

The interviewer looked like he wanted more on the situation but he countinued on to the next question. "And who do we have here?" He asked looking at Sarah."

"This is my girlfriend Sarah." Harry grinned taking Sarah's hand. Sarah was beaming.

"That leaves Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn single." The interview said. "I'm actually seeing someone." I said.

"Where is the lucky girl?"

"She's back in America with Louis and Zayn." I mutter.

"Speaking of Louis." The interview said as a screen was pulled down. "Earlier today Louis was caught get close to a girl."

I smile. Louis needed to find a girl. He alwaysed seemed grump srpund Meghan and I. "Here's a picture of Louis and the mystry girl." As the picture comes up on the screen I gasp. Up on screen for the world to see was Louis and Meghan kissing.

Louis's POV

He didn't pick up." Zayn said pulling the phone away from his ear. "Louis." Amanda called. "You and Meghan are on TV." "We're too late." I cried as we followed Amanda to the mess hall. There on the TV were the boys and Sarah looking at a picture of Meghan and I kissing. "Oh no." Zayn whispered looking at the TV. "Look at Niall." I had avoided looking at Niall but know I drag my eyes from the picture to him. His eyes are full of hurt and angar. "He's going to kill me." I moan. Zayn doesn't try to disagree. "Why did I kiss her?" "I don't know." Zayn said rounding on me. "All I know that if you hadn't we would all be happy right know. Niall wouldn't be hurt and Meghan would be here with us laughing about how silly something was." I stand there watching Niall as his eyes fill with tears and he runs off stage. "I've got to call hin." I said reachinng for my phone. "He won't answer you." Zayn growled. "Let me call him." "Put it on speaker." Zayn dials and puts the phone on speaker. I hold my breath waiting for him to pick up. "What do you want Zayn?" Niall's voice growled over the phone. I let out a sigh of relief. "Don't blame Meghan." Zayn said. "It's not her fault." "She kissed Louis." Niall said his voice cracking. "How can I not blame her?" "Becuse." I cry before I can stop myself. "I kissed her." Niall was silence on the other end. "Niall." I whisper. The phone bangs against something on the other side. "You think he's mad?" I ask turning to Zayn. "Big time." Zayn said. I sigh. "We're heading back aren't we?" Zayn nodded. We say good bye to the kids and tell Matt. He nodded understanding. Once we get to the airport and get on the plane I lean back in my seat. "Whatever Niall had planned for me I desevered it.

Niall's POV

All I saw was Meghan and Louis kissing. I close my eyes and saw it. I had to get away. I stumbled off the stage. All my feeling crowding together. Anger, fear, pain, sadness, and heartbreak. How could Meghan? I though she loved me.  Tears pricked at the coners of my eyes threating to spill. All of my memories of us came flooding in, Meeting her, relizing my feeling for her, our last night in Ireland, being reunited with her, asking her out, our moive nights, our first kiss and our good-bye. I could still feel her fingers slipping from mine. I slumpped down on a couch somewhere. I held my phone debating weather to call her or not when my phone buzzed. I fumble to grab it. Zayn's name glowing on the screen. Why was he calling again. I sigh before answering it. "What do you want Zayn." I growl masking the pain. "Don't blame Meghan." Zayn called throught the phone. "It's not her fault." How could it not be her fault? "She kissed Louis." I say my voice cracking I feel a tear slip down my cheek. "How can I not blame her?" "Because." Louis cried. "I kissed her. She didn't kiss back." I don't reply. I was shocked. Louis kissed her. She didn't kiss back. Was she still in love me? Joy started to rise though my body. Then I relized, Meghan didn't kiss Louis that ment Louis kissed Meghan! One of my best friends kissed my girlfriend. Anger began to course through my body. I threw the phone against the wall. It hit with a sadistfing thump. How could Louis? He knew how much Meghan ment to me. Meghan! I still had to talk to her. She still hadn't texted me. I grabbed my phone the screen was cracked but I could still use it. I dial her number. I rang again and again. I held my breath. "This number has been disconceted or changed please try another number." A voice said before hanging up. Why would Meghan change her number? She knew it wasn't her fault yet she didn't tell me about it. Why won't she tell me? I rember one time back in Ireland a driver had waved at us. While she was waving at us she hit a squirrel. Meghan had blamed herself for the death of the squirrel. That was what she was soing here! She knew Louis had kissed her but she blamed herself for it. Last time she had hid in her house for hours until I found her this time she has the whole world to hide. I take a deep breath. I had lost her once. I wasn't going to lose her again. I was going to find her and when I did I was going to hold on to her forever. She was the only girl I wanted and I would find her.

Meghan's POV

At the town close to the camp we rented a car. I payed for a month of the car. "Is it going to take a month to get there?" Charlie asked as we loaded our stuff into the trunk. "No." I smile sadly. "I just want time to get the car back." "So how long shoiuld it take?" He asked. "About four hours." I say. "I'll drive." Kathleen nods getting into the passangers seat. Charlie hops into the back while I slid into the driver's seat. I slowly pull out of the yard and head down the road. It was going to be a long trip.

~Four hourse later~

I pull into a familar neighborhood. "Are we here?" Charlie asked. "Almost." I call back as we turn down the road. "Who are we staying with anyway?" Kathleen asked. "People I know." I said pulling up in front of the house. "Come on." I say getting out of the car. "They're help us with our bags in a second." I lead th way up to the door. I take a breath before knocking on the door. Two sets of footstep hurry towards the door. The door swings open to revel Ryder and Hayden standing inside. "Meghan." They say breaking out in a smile. "What are you doing here?" Ryder asked giving me a hug. The tears start to fall. "I'll explain later." I say my voice cracking. "But can we stay with you guys for a while?" "Of course." Hayden said while Ryder nodded. "Ryder Hayden." I say. "Meet Kathleen and Charlie." "Hey." Charlie said while Kathleen gave a small wave. "Guys meet my brother Ryder and my friend Hayden." "Your right." Kathleen said studying Ryder. "Charlie does look a lot like him" I let out a sigh of relief as the ice is broken. As we unpack everyone gets to know each other. I smile as I head for my old room. Kathleen and I were sharing a room while Charlie had the room next to ours. It felt great to be home again but it felt like something or someone was tugging me. Begging me to come to them. I shake myslf to get rid of the feeling. I have to get over Niall. He wasn't going to take me back no matter what I did. I look out my window overlooking a lake surronded my trees with a little island in the middle. "I'll always miss you." I whisper. A breeze rustles the branches of the trees as if they were delievering my message.



I hope you all enjoyed Fight for us.

I know a lot of people didn't like the ending but it is setting the plot for the next book.

I will try to have the next book up soon.

Comment on here please. I could use some ideas for the next book or a co-author ir two maybe.

Thanks for all the reads

Niall's Princess122333

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