Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


14. All in Forgiven

Harry's POV

I hear the door to the cabin next to ours slam. I look over at Sarah. She was still asleep. I quietly get up and walk into Meghan, Niall and Louis's cabin. Louis was sitting in the seat closest to the door. Niall and Meghan were curled up together in the opposite seats. They really did seem perfect together. Louis let out a cough. I slip into the seat next to him. "Pretend sleeping?" I whisper. "What's the matter?" "Like I said before Meghan." He said turning around. "Oh. Harry." I give him a smile. "What's the matter?" I repeat. He looked over at Niall and Meghan together. "Let's talk outside." He muttered getting up. I follow him out the door. "Tell." I say as soon as he closes the door to his cabin. "I -I" He starts. "I think I have feelings for Meghan." I stare at him. "What? That's Niall's girlfriend." "I know." He muttered sitting down. "And we all go the feeling Niall liked her." I continued. "I know." He said again. "It's just she so funny and cute." " "But she's with Meghan." I say. "Louis looked up at me his eyes troubled. "What do I do Harry?" "I don't know Lou." I sigh. "But she's with Niall and there's nothing you can do." "Thanks." He muttered weakly. "We are getting ready to land." The pilot said over the intercom. "Please buckle your seat belts." "Got to go Lou." I said getting up. I start to go into my cabin when I turn around. "You haven't lost her yet Lou." I said. "You still have her as a friend. Don't lose that." "I won't Harry." He said getting up. "I promise." "See you in a few." I say slipping into my cabin. "Where were you?" Sarah said sleepily. "Talking to Lou." I said sitting down.  "Good." Sarah muttered. "Meghan was really upset that he was mad at her." "Lou wasn't mad at her." I say. "He was mad at himself." "Why?" Sarah asked. "I don't know." I mutter looking at the ground. I hate lying to Sarah but she would tell Meghan. "Where are we?" Sarah asked. "We're getting ready to land." I say.  "Finally." Sarah laughed.  "I can't wait to see London." She wiggled over to the window and looked down. "It's beautiful." She gasped. "Not as beautiful as you." I whisper. "What?" I look up to see Sarah looking at me. "Erm nothing." I mutter. Why couldn't I tell her I like her? Niall had told Meghan. Sighing I look over Sarah's shoulder at the city. 

Meghan's POV

I wake up as Louis walked in. I slip out of Niall's arms careful not to wake him up. I sit down next to Louis. "Hey Lou." I whisper. He jumped. "Oh hey Meghan." He said grinning. "I got to apologize to you." He said. "I shouldn't have let my emotions get the best of me." "Oh Lou." I say wrapping my arms around him before he could finish. "I would forgive you for anything." He sighed with relief wrapping me in a hug. "Thank you Meghan." "Hey." I say sitting up. "You know how Harry is the only one we haven't pranked yet." "Yea." He said his eyes getting the mischievous gleam in them. "Lets get him when we get to London." He nodded his eyes gleaming. I feel arms wrap around me. "Can I help with this one?" Niall whispered in my ear. "Oh course Nialler." I giggle. "This one will be our best prank yet." I say. "Can we get Sarah too?" Louis asked. "Since she and Harry are going to share a room." "Sure." I say. "Let's get Zayn and Liam in on it too." Niall said. We all nodded. 

~Plane lands.~

As Niall grabs his and my bags I pull Liam and Zayn aside to fill them in. They agree to meet in Niall and my hotel room to go over the plan. As we leave the airport the fans swarm. Niall puts me on his back so the fans don't trample me. I giggle and wave at the fans. A couple fans stopped them for autographs and pictures but we got out pretty quickly. Outside a limo was waiting. "We get to ride in a limo?" I ask excitedly. "You were always small town weren't you Meggy." Niall laughed. I blush and bury my head in his shoulder. "Don't be embarrassed." Louis said patting me on the back. "Niall's reaction was a lot like yours." "Ha Nialler." I say ruffling his hair. "Your mate gave you a way." He gives Louis a hurt look. "Really Lou." He said. "What can I say." Louis said shooting me a smile. We all get in the limo. I was squished between Niall and Louis. "Niall." I say. " you and Lou are squishing me. Laughing he grabbed me and placed me in his lap. "Better?" He whispered in my ear. "Much." I giggle. How did I get lucky enough to not only know this sweet guy but to date him. Sighing I close my eyes and settle my head on Niall's shoulder. He really was my dream guy.

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