My Hero

When Brandi Carson was eleven, she wrote a letter to her inspiration, Justin Bieber. Five years later, she's the biggest star around, and she is close friends with Justin. One day, she finds the letter she wrote to him on his bedside table.


9. Talking To Mr. Carson (Justin's POV!)

"So you and Brandi met at that party?" Mr. Carson asked. "No, we met a month ago when she won Video of The Year," I said nervously. "You know she really looks up to you." "Yes." "But some of the things I hear about you, young man, aren't so great." I had nothing for that one except "A lot of the things on the Internet are exaggerated a lot," I said playing with my phone, which I switched to silent. "Well I'm not so sure if I want my daughter dating you," Mr. Carson said. "I love her," I blurted. It was silent for a long time, while Mr. Carson gave me a "Go away," look.

"What'd he say?" Brandi asked when I got back to her room. "Your dad isn't my biggest fan," I said, sitting next to her. She sighed and said "I knew this'd happen." "Shh, it's okay baby girl," I murmured, kissing her neck. I had an interview tomorrow morning, so I had to leave.

As I walked past Brandi's parents, both of them gave me a nice "Get out of my house," look. I hurried outside where I was greeted by, none other than about fifteen photographers. "Justin, how are you and Brandi?" they yelled. " Awesome," I said getting in my car. I don't think awesome is the word- the father of the love of my life hates me!
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