My Hero

When Brandi Carson was eleven, she wrote a letter to her inspiration, Justin Bieber. Five years later, she's the biggest star around, and she is close friends with Justin. One day, she finds the letter she wrote to him on his bedside table.


7. Surprise, Surprise

On my way to a photo shoot two days later, I stopped at CVS to grab a new mascara. At the cad register, a headline on the latest People magazine read "Justin and Brandi- Is It Official? We've Got The Details!" along with a photo of us kissing at that party. "Oh shoot," I muttered handing the money to the cashier.

At my photo shoot, I texted Justin "Good news- we're all over the news." He replied with "Don't worry about it, luv u baby." I texted back a wink face and was called back to set. I was pretty excited about this one- it was for Rolling Stone magazine. I wore a gold crop top under a denim vest, black high waist shorts and red high tops. My auburn hair was left naturally curly, because everyone likes it like that.

Back at my house, my mother and father were sitting at the kitchen table with a stern look on their faces. "Hey," I said, putting my bag on the coffee table and sitting down. "Explain this," my dad held up that damn copy of People magazine. "Oh boy...well me and Justin have been kind of friendly for a while we're in love," I stuttered. "Invite him over for dinner sometime," my mom said. "You know what? Good idea!" I meant it. My parents knew Justin well, but they didn't know about us being a couple until they picked up that magazine at the store.

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