My Hero

When Brandi Carson was eleven, she wrote a letter to her inspiration, Justin Bieber. Five years later, she's the biggest star around, and she is close friends with Justin. One day, she finds the letter she wrote to him on his bedside table.


6. Party Time!

Today I was invited to a party, and apparently so was Justin. We decided to go together, even though neither of us knew the host personally. I wore a purple sparkly dress with black combat boots, and Justin rocked a leather jacket and high top sneakers.


During the party, most people were either at tables talking to their friends or on the dance floor dancing. Me and Justin eventually were dancing; they played songs by both of us. During Rihanna's "Talk That Talk," Justin started grinding on me, and I was about to stop him, but I didn't feel like it. After that people raved and fist pumped to LMFAO's "Shots," but me and Justin got a table. "What the hell was that?" I laughed. "Feeling a little naughty," he said grinning. "Weirdo," I playfully punched his arm. "Okay, grab someone because we're going to slow things down," the DJ announced. "Can I have this dance?" Justin asked offering me his hand. "Yes you may," I said as he lead me to the dance floor as LeAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live," began to play. "I really like this song," I said. "Me too," Justin said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. Then, we leaned in and kissed. It was probably the best kiss of my life: I felt safe, as if we were all alone, no photographers or partygoers. When we broke apart, I rested my head on Justin's chest and he rocked me in his arms while singing the lyrics to the song quietly in my ear.

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