My Hero

When Brandi Carson was eleven, she wrote a letter to her inspiration, Justin Bieber. Five years later, she's the biggest star around, and she is close friends with Justin. One day, she finds the letter she wrote to him on his bedside table.


14. A Few Years Later...

"How Do I Live," the first song me and my husband ever danced to, began playing. All eyes were on us as we had our first dance as a married couple. "This is so amazing," I smiled. Justin twirled me around and said "Agreed." This moment couldn't be better- I just married my best friend, my hero and my true love. I leaned my head against his chest and he whispered the lyrics of the song to me, just like at that party a few years ago.


"Hey I have a question," I said out of the blue. "Yeah babygirl?" "How'd you first get my number?" "Hmm?" "When you called after the VMAs and asked if I wanted to go for lunch?" "Oh, Scooter called your manager to get your number for that performance we did together and I, being the sneaky boy I am, stole his phone and put your number in mine." I tried my best not to laugh too hard. "I love you so much," I giggled.

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