Lights, Camera ,Love

2nd fan fiction hope its good:)
Jammie has just graduated from Photography collage she is now working for one direction on photo shoots.
During work she noticed that each time she looks into the camera Zayn keeps winking she wonders if he is interested but the problem is she has a boy friend yet Zayn cant keep his hands off also along the tracks Harry falls for her when she is put into hair and make up as well!

Jammie starts haveing problems on twitter also with her boyfriend...

What will happen??


2. Car ride

In the car


In the car it is so comfortable my head is resting on Nialls lap were feeding each other popcorn

"Open!" said Naill laughing

"NO!" i muttered threw the small opening of my mouth

"Fine then" Niall smirked and started tickling me

"AHH niall niall stop hahahaha" My mouth was opened and niall stuffed a hand full of popcorn in my mouth i looked like a puffer fish he started laughing so did Harry and Louis

"Were here!" Said Liam hoping out of the car we all stoped and looked at each other I had a plan a very funny one.

"SIT HERE" I made sure that i was cloe to the car door and Niall, Harry and Lou where sitting side by side they sat there with no clue a spat out all of the popcorn making it go all over the boys they laughed and started chasing me threw out the house i couldnt stop to look i ran up the stairs and into a room i fell on top of the bed Niall jumped on next to me Louis and Harry started laughing Zayn was at the door laughing all of a sudden harry and Lou pushed the matress and me and niall fell of they bed I was on the ground and Niall was on top of me.


We stared at each other the matress on top of us..

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