Lights, Camera ,Love

2nd fan fiction hope its good:)
Jammie has just graduated from Photography collage she is now working for one direction on photo shoots.
During work she noticed that each time she looks into the camera Zayn keeps winking she wonders if he is interested but the problem is she has a boy friend yet Zayn cant keep his hands off also along the tracks Harry falls for her when she is put into hair and make up as well!

Jammie starts haveing problems on twitter also with her boyfriend...

What will happen??


1. Airport


"Yes I'm in the airport i just arrived in London"

"Oh yeah there is alot of good views here camera will be full in no time!"

"Ill call you back there is a herd of girls screaming because there is one direction here yes thats right yeah they are my new bosses bye"

Jesus I feel sorry for them! I have to get to them they said that i would meet them here well i can see them but cant get to them?


"God!" THAT GIRL HAS LUNGS I know how to get to them  I'll text Niall

To FOODMASTER: Hey Nialler Im in the crowd Can't get to u assistance?

To Photogirl: Ello love yeah assistance btw i think Zayny wayny has the hots for ya

To FOODMASTER: AS IF! he has no chance... Ill try gettin to ya

To photogirl: YEP!


"Excuse me sorry im there-" I just got cut of by a big guy in black clothes

"Jammie Carter?"


"Follow me"

As I followed the guy threw the crowd i saw a hand pop out in front of me i look up and see....



I put my hand out to help Jammie get up on stage she was connected to her camera flicking threw photos by the look of it but when i put my hand out she saw it and looked up quickly.

"Hey Harry right im Jammie" She smiled and spoke to me she was hot she had big blue eyes as blue as the ocean and her wavy dark brown hair layed on her right shoulder she looked stunning though it looks as if she was casual dressed if so she was ultimate hot she wore...

Black converses, Black skinny leg jeans, Alot of beachy bracelets, she wore a white burton beanie, a singlet and cardigan and then she had a sachle covered in pins from all over the world.

She placed her hand in myn a hudge smile formed on my face and i didnt even mean to!

"Ah yeah im Harry and ah" she started laughing

"Just help me up you goof"

I helped her up but when she got up she stumbled and almost fell of the stage but i grabbed her waist and pulled her close she wouldnt fall she looked right into my eyes centimeters away from each other I couldnt get into a relation ship I dont Love her....


Harry was already making a move she almost fell and now there centimeters away from each others face how is that?!

That was my girl I want her she is different i chose her for the photography she as different unique she wasnt girly she was awesome a tom boy.

"Hey Harry who is this" Smooth Zayn you knew who it was!

"Zayn this is Jammie our new photographer slash Hair and make up:)" Harry had his arm around her she just smiled and put her hand out to shake hands with me.

I froze i couldnt move i was just staring at her smilein like a nutter

"Ah Zayn are you going to shake my hand?" I was still frozen

"Guess not Harry introduce to the rest?"



Zayn was wierd he just stood like a goof and didnt do anything what a wierdo.

"This is Liam he is the-" I had to cut harry off

"Sensible one i know i had to research my bosses didnt I?" Me and Liam shook hands and laughed

"This is Louis we call him Lou" Harry said as he erdge Louis to come over

"Hi Lou:)"

"Hi jammie!" I was expecting a hand shack but Lou went staright for a hug i huged him back and laughed then me and harry turned to go back past Zayn who was waving to all the fans so that we could get to niall who was doing the Irish Jig.


I felt so embarresed she had walked past me giving a wierd stare i bet she thinks im i wierdo any way

As i waved to the fans she walked past again but this time a breez came and her hair blew up i could smell the perfume she was wearing she smelt so nice i coloapsed Lou came over and helped me up.



Zayn was falling hard for Jammie he colapsed when she walked past him i ran over and helped him.

"Right mate?"

"Yeah I just ah"

"Mate your falling hard for her you need to stop actin like a goof around her she thinks your wierd!"

"OK okay i got this" Zayn Walked of with a smile on his face



"And Jammie this is-"

"NIALLER!" Me and niall knew each other we had met when they on tour in Australia he was at nandos and i was taking photos for every day life project i have i mucked around by keep takin photos of him he laughed we got to know each other now were good mates.


Niall came over and gave me a hug we laughed Harry was standing there surprised

"HARRY this is the girl i met at nandos in Ausi remember i spoke about her?"

"OH YEAH  you had a crush on her" what was that

"HARRY !!" Niall turned bright red in the face

"What you had a crush on me?"

"yeah.." he said that with embarrestment


 i leant over and kissed him on the cheek.


She was so pretty she ate like me as well!

Jammie was all i ever wanted in a girl i still have a crush on her and when she kissed me i wanted to turn my head so bad and kiss her lips but i couldnt it wasnt the right moment..


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