The Key *Book 1*

Molly was planting flowers in her mothers garden one day when she un-burried a key. What she doesn't know is that this key unlocks something special. Will she be able to handle it?


2. Prolouge



        I never really expected I would have this story to tell for my grandchildren but I do. It all started when I was 10 years old. I was a very curious 10 year old girl back then. But now I'm a wise 98 year old lady who has an adventure to tell. It's very simple really. It's simple for me but not simple for you. I have secrets to tell and secrets to keep. I have chosen to tell my most precious secret to my beloved grand children. 

   I've told my children when they were old enough and now I have to re-tell the tale I love to re-live. It's not everyday when I get to tell this story. This is only the third time I'm telling it. It's just a matter of time that they know the truth of what really happened with me and my husband. It's a mystery to me still, of how it's even possible but I never question it. 

"Come on grandma tell us already."

"Yea we wanna know how it all happened."

"I agree with Kimberly and Ashton grandma. So just tell us." 

    Those are my very impaitient grandchildren. They all have a family of there own but they're to young for this story. Even though I was 10 years old when this happened. The reason I can't tell my great grandchildren is because they'll want to tell everybody they know. I don't want anyone but my family to know this story because it's a great adventure someone else might descover. 

"Ok. Ok. I'll tell you." I replied with my hands up for surrender. They all laughed at me. 

"It was March 6th of 2012. The sun was shineing and there were few clouds in sight..........."

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