Poems For The Brokenhearted People

These are poems that I relate to in many ways. I have written them all. Please enjoy!:)


2. Can We Start This All Over Again?

                                      CAN WE START THIS ALL OVER AGAIN?


I can pretend you are nothing to me. I can pretend I never think about you and me.

But if I did, it would be a lie. Because I think about you every second of my life.

I've tried to move on, with someone new. But all that comes to mind, is thoughts of me and you.

What you and me had was great. Its something I shall never hate.

So, yes, if youre asking, I DO want you back, and that my 'so called friend' , is for a fact.

So lets play basketball, lets try this rebound. Lets not let our love be unknown and left in pieces on the ground.

Help me put together th pieces we BOTH shattered. Even though we arent the BEST crafters.

Lets take one piece at a time. Lets work together this time.

If you dont want to be with me, I understand. But i will be here patiently waiting with my plan.

If you choose to go, I will beg you to stay. I cant sit here and watch what you and me had washaway and fade.

So....can we start this all over again, my 'so called friend'?


When you get the answer, i hope that it will be. You coming into my arms, and never leaving me.



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