Living the Dream

Do you believe in love at first sight?


1. 1

                                                                Rachel`s POV


Today is the day.The day I`m going to meet One Direction.I`m going to a concert with my best friend Ally.We also have backstage passes and front row seats.I`m so excited.I`m wearing a black t-shirt that says I love One direction and red skinny jeans.I also put on my black toms and makeup.But not too much makeup.Just a little.I was looking in the mirror."Why am I so ugly?"I said to myself.I walked downstairs and saw Ally watching TV.She wore a white t-shirt that says I love Liam and jeans with her red toms.She was really pretty even without makeup."I`m so excited!?"I said."I know me too.Do you think Liam will like me?Do you think he`ll notice me?"She kept on saying stuff like that but I just blocked it out.when she was done talking we decide to leave for the concert.When we got in the car Die Young was on.We started singing and dancing in our seats."OH WHAT A SHAME THAT YOU CAME HERE WITH SOMEONE."I sang."BUT WHILE YOUR HERE IN MY ARMS LET`S MAKE THE MOST OF THE NIGHT LIKE WERE GONNA DIE YOUNG,"Ally sang.When the song was over the people on the radio started talking .I zoned out."There`s a rumor that Louis Tomlinson broke up with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder."The person said.I shot up."NUH UH.NO THEY DIDN`T BREAK UP.THEY DEFINETLY DIDN`T."I was babbling for like ten minutes untill Ally yelled at me and smacked me. My arm is red.It hurts.Really bad.Oh well.Sucks for me.We got there like five minutes later.We walked in and gave the people our tickets and people escorted us backstage.I was fangirling inside but outside I wasn`t.We walked in and we saw the guys there.Right in front of us.I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming.Ouch.Yep I`m not dreaming.And that`s when I saw him.






                                                                    Ally`s POV




I was all dressed for the concert and I was watching Spongebob.I`m such a kid.Then Rachel walked in.She looked gorgeous.Like always.She has blonde hair and green eyes.She was truely beautiful.She was also skinny.I`m fat and I have ugly brown hair and brown eyes.Everyone tells me I`m pretty but I disagree.I started talking about how I hoped Louis would notice me and I didn`t even know what I was saying anymore.I probably sounded like an idiot.When I was done we went to the car.Die young was on.I love this song.We started randomly singing.When it was over the person was talking. Then he said that there was a rumor that louis and Eleanor broke up.Rachel started babbling on and on about how they didn`t break up and when she was done we were already there.We walked in and gave them our tickets.Then some people took us backstage.That`s when I saw him.The love of my life.Standing right in front of me.

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