Until I Break

I will never stop. I will keep going. I will follow Dory's advice and keep swimming. I will be Jason Maraz and won't give up. Referencing One Direction, I am not afraid.

Ballet is my passion, followed by singing and free style dancing. You could assume that I am "girly" but those who know me say that I am a free spirit. You would be one too if you step, leap, and land. It's glorious. But ballet and singing aren't anything compared to the ones in my life. They are all very important to me - especially my childhood friend. My soul-mate, my partner in crime, my bud for life - Niall Horan. He and I have been through it all, and have always been at each others' side.


1. Two Heart Necklace

{Lane's POV}

My body jolted as the alarm begins ringing, it's beeping making a vein pop out of my head.  I really hate alarms.  They wake you up, which you do not want to do, and have the most annoying sounds.  I had woken up nearly an hour before my alarm clock, which was set on 10:42 A.M., but I guess I forgot to turn it off.  Groaning, I hurried towards my black iHome, the beeping becoming louder and louder as I near it.  It took me a couple of seconds, but I finally got it shut up. 

Guess what day it is?  Just guess.... Eh, you won't be able to get it right anyway, so, I'll just tell you.  Today is the day that I get to see my boyfriend after two years!  Yes, we have/had a long distance relationship.  It was very tough.  Being away from your loved one is nearly impossible and if it weren't for this meeting, I would've flown to London myself.  Paparazzi are also a nuisance.  They know when and where I am, what I am doing, and how I do it.  They also follow him around and spread rumors about how he is cheating and lying to me, which all eight of us know would never happen. 

Wondering who the eight of us are, aren't you?  It's me, Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and finally Niall.  I bet those names sound familiar to you, or at least, I would hope so.  I just told you the names of the One Direction members and their girlfriends, well, excluding Harry since he is single.  If Harry is the only single guy in the band, who is Niall dating?  Well, my fellow creep, I shall answer your question.  Niall Horan is dating Lane Jordan, an ordinary girl born in Ireland and moved to America when she was fifteen.  They have been in a relationship since a year before Niall went on the X-Factor.  While Niall was off performing on the X-Factor, Lane watched him every night, praying that he would never get kicked off the show.  She still remembers seeing all of his emotions -- his tears, his frown, his laugh, his smile, and even the face he makes after he manages to hit a high note.  Lane had moved to America before she could say goodbye to him, but they have been keeping in touch since then.

How would I know that?  Because I am Lane Jordan, the girl who was only born in Ireland because of her idiotic parents who decided to fly to a foreign country while the mother was beyond nine months pregnant.  Our family of three stayed in Ireland until I was fifteen.  My parents are quite adventurous and hate being tied down in one spot, so, out of nowhere they decided that we should move to the US. 

Enough about the past; this is the present if you didn't know that already.  I am going to meet Niall at Battery Park.  Lane's fun fact number one: Battery Park was created in 1693 when the British government, that then controlled New York, mounted cannons there.

I already had my outfit planned out; a strapless white dress with black roses, Seychelles high heel boots, and a black 'crochet' beanie.  My jewelry consists of two necklaces and one bracelet.  The bracelet is a simple, silver band that has LOVE engraved in it. One necklace is a silver four-leaf clover and the other is two silver hearts jointed together.  Niall had given it to me for my thirteenth birthday, a year or so before the X-Factor.   

My caramel brown hair is usually like a lion's mane of curls since I nearly never blow-dry it, but, today it looks decent.  After carefully slipping the beanie on, trying to avoid frizzing my hair, I apply small amounts of cover-up.  After doing so, I rake the mascara brush onto my eyelashes, blinking afterward.  Not a lot, but not a little either.  Finally, I finish applying an average amount of dark brown eyeliner and dab my lips with clear lip gloss.  {http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65936438}

I trace the wooden railing with my finger tips, the smooth and glossy texture cooling my hands.  After reaching the final step, I race towards the kitchen counter-top and snatch my car keys from the gradient tops.

"Bye!" I yell before slamming the door behind me and hurry to my dark grey Infinity, my keys nearly slipping out of my sweaty hands.

Let's get this show started.

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