As Sydney ends her first semester as a freshman at school, she longs for Philadelphia. She has already planned her trip and is flying alone for the first time. She thought being alone on the plane would be a boring 3 hours, until she met the him. This story unfolds first loves and how it'll always have a place in your heart.


6. Run in with him.

The next morning, I walked to starbucks. It wasn't that far away and on my way, i saw this park that reminded me of my childhood. I went to starbucks and got my favorite white mocha frappacino. I walked back to aunt lynn's house in the chilly weather. Halfway there, i stopped at the park. Parks always reminded me of my childhood. As i stared at the park, a familiar voice came up. "What's a girl like you doing so early in the morning standing here?" It was Niall. "What are you doing here?" " I live in the neighborhood ahead and i was just going out to get some coffee. Why are you staring at the park?" "Oh, it's nothing." I replied like its no big deal. "Do you want to go sit on the swings?" He asked. That would be pretty fun. "Sure, but you're pushing me!" I said. "Not it i get there first!" Niall ran ahead of me and i quickly followed behind him.

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