As Sydney ends her first semester as a freshman at school, she longs for Philadelphia. She has already planned her trip and is flying alone for the first time. She thought being alone on the plane would be a boring 3 hours, until she met the him. This story unfolds first loves and how it'll always have a place in your heart.


8. Nialls place turned into something else.

I got ready to go over with some leggings and a sweater. I had my hair in a bun with no makeup on. I usually like to be natural. I walked over and ranged the doorbell. "Come on in, the doors unlocked!" Niall shouted from his kitchen. I opened the door and saw him making popcorn. "Hey Sydney!" "Hi" i replied. Niall cam out of the kitchen with a huge bowl of popcorn and sat down. I followed onto the couch and he asked me what i wanted to watch. "I don't care, whatever works." He put on a scary movie, of course, i was always afraid of horror films. I sat next to him with my eyes half covered. We got to the chainsaw part and i couldn't take it anymore. I screamed and buried my head onto Niall's chest. He put his arm on me and patted me slightly. "Is this too scary for you love?" "Kind of.." I said. "Maybe we could do something else." he replied. "Like what?" "I'm hungry, lets make a sandwich!" We got up and went to the kitchen. "Do you know how to make the perfect sandwich?" i asked when he was halfway done. "What?" I took the mustard bottle and squeezed a whole bunch onto the sandwich. "That's gross!" Niall exclaimed. "No it's not! I love mustard." "You know how i get rid of mustard?" he asked. "How?" i wondered. Niall took the mustard bottle and squeezed it onto my head. "OHMYGOSHHH! NIALL HORAN!!" He ran into the living room and i ran after. I got him with a mayonaise bottle and we both just rolled over on the floor laughing. I had so much fun that i forgot i had to be home by 10. Niall and i cleaned up and he escorted me home. As we got to our door, Niall and i just stood there. "It was fun tonight with you Sydney." "You too Niall!" He leaned down and my heart started racing. He kissed my cheeck and off he went. My heart was still racing when i got inside. Am i falling for him?

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