As Sydney ends her first semester as a freshman at school, she longs for Philadelphia. She has already planned her trip and is flying alone for the first time. She thought being alone on the plane would be a boring 3 hours, until she met the him. This story unfolds first loves and how it'll always have a place in your heart.


10. Always

The next day, Niall offered to take me to the airport so Aunt Lynn didn't have to go. As we reached our gate, Niall pulled me in and gave me a long hug. I buried my face onto his chest and i started crying. "Don't cry"he whispered. "It was meant to be, so we'll definitely see each other again. Before i pulled away, he kissed my head. I left and onto the plane. I got a text immediately from Niall. "You'll always be in my heart forever..."

I started to cry, but it was tears of joy and missing him tears. Niall Horan, the boy i met over break, will be in my heart..... forever and always.

I gave the autograph to Gabby and she was thrilled. I thought about Niall every day and i couldn't wait till summer vacation, because then, i would be seeing Niall again.


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