As Sydney ends her first semester as a freshman at school, she longs for Philadelphia. She has already planned her trip and is flying alone for the first time. She thought being alone on the plane would be a boring 3 hours, until she met the him. This story unfolds first loves and how it'll always have a place in your heart.


2. Airport was a mess.

The next day, i had to wake up at 5am to get ready. My plane left at 10 and my dad wanted to get there extra early. We made our way to the airport and my parents gave me goodbye kisses and left. I was staying with a relative in Philadelphia. As i got my plane ticket and headed for the gate, i was the last to get on. I went into the plane and searched for a seat. I found my seat, only to be taken by an old lady in deep sleep. It didn't really matter, i'll just find another one. I never did and i was standing there like an idot for 5 minutes! The flight lady came over and asked me to take a seat. I told her my seat was taken and she told me i had to get off. How rude! As i made my way to the exit, someone in the front shouted "There's an open seat here!" A very familiar accent... OMG its Niall Horan. I wasn't that excited but if Gabby was don't even want to know. "Thanks for letting me take this seat," i said nicely. "It's no big deal, my friend dissed his spot so its opened."Niall said. "You're Niall from One direction right?" I asked like its no big deal. "Yeah," and may i ask what your name is?" "My names Sydney." "WHat a descent name!" "Thanks,may i ask you for a favor? I know we just met and all, but my friends a huge fan! Could you give me an autograph?" "No problem" Niall said. He signed me a piece of paper and that was it.

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