Stroke of Luck

Read and find out :)
Hannah ,a small town girl with big dreams magically gets the experince of a lifetime! Her parents were calling it quits but that didn't bring her down one day her mother comes into a bit of money. She can finally afford to live in London for the summer. Before she leaves, she attends her favorite band's concert and catches one member's eye. Can they be together or is his fame to much to handle for a small town girl? It's rated the way it is due to language and some sexual content. (+13)


29. Too Young For Love

My phone rings "Hey How's London?" a voice says

"Good Mom, Great actually" I say

"Don't get into any trouble" She says "And certainly don't come home with a boy"

"Mom, I'm  practically an adult. Besides, I've met someone he's really sweet and super cute"


"Oh just Niall Mom"

"When will you stop obsessing over that band? You're Nineteen not twelve."

"Don't Believe me?"

"I saw in a magazine he's got a girlfriend now, she's your age"

"I'm his girlfriend? I'm the girl the magazine was talking about"

"When you get back I'm taking you to counseling"

"Hello Mrs. Paige, I'm Niall and she's not crazy;we really are a couple" Niall says

"So you guys are together?"

"Yes, I think I'm in love with your daughter"

"Wow, You got the boy from that band you like good on you honey"

"Thanks Mom" I smile "I love you bye" and I hang up

"I love her,but she can be embarassing at times" I laugh

"Parents do that" he smiles "And now were alone" he winks

"I guess we are;You know I don't remember last night due to how much I drank,but would you mind refreshing my memory?"

"With pleasure" he says snaking his arms under my shirt pulling me in for a heated and passionate kiss.




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