Stroke of Luck

Read and find out :)
Hannah ,a small town girl with big dreams magically gets the experince of a lifetime! Her parents were calling it quits but that didn't bring her down one day her mother comes into a bit of money. She can finally afford to live in London for the summer. Before she leaves, she attends her favorite band's concert and catches one member's eye. Can they be together or is his fame to much to handle for a small town girl? It's rated the way it is due to language and some sexual content. (+13)


18. Out of Town Girl

"Eh, I can't believe he's dating her. I'm so much prettier and I could love him more than she ever could"

"She just likes him for his fame one day they'll break up and this will all be over"

"Ew look at her. She's so fat he deserves so much better"

Thanks bitches, Is all I was thinking as I heard them talking. Obnoxious,overly confident, arrogant bitches who don't deserve him.

"I wonder if she's here?"

"Probably getting it on with Niall cause that's all she wants from him anyway She'll break his heart for sure"

I cannot believe this. They think I'm not genuine. They think what we have isn't gonna last. Now, I had to prove them wrong.

"Oh Hi you're Hannah! Oh My God we wish we were you!" that same group of girls said to me

"Why, you don't want to be me trust me" I say

"Oh, so how is Niall in bed?" they ask me

"Um we haven't got that far in our ....relationship.."

"really, That's surprising" they say shocked

"I'd tap that if I could" one girl says

I blush at the thought. Silly inapporpriate teenagers. I like taking things slow. Rushing just isn't worth it.

I'm not giving myself to anyone yet. That's so special it's only reserved for my true love.

"who do you think I am?" I say slightly raising my voice'

" we just asked ... slut.." One girl coughs

'"Slut? Me? You don't know me enough to call me a slut!" I say

"hey Leave her alone" Brooke says

"Who the hell are you?"

"Her friend and I don't like that you talk to her like that... we all know you're all just jealous bitches"

"No she's the whore that's gonna break our Nialler's heart were trying to protect him"

"Like I said, You dont know enough about me to judge me so I suggest you leave"

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