Stroke of Luck

Read and find out :)
Hannah ,a small town girl with big dreams magically gets the experince of a lifetime! Her parents were calling it quits but that didn't bring her down one day her mother comes into a bit of money. She can finally afford to live in London for the summer. Before she leaves, she attends her favorite band's concert and catches one member's eye. Can they be together or is his fame to much to handle for a small town girl? It's rated the way it is due to language and some sexual content. (+13)


15. Meeting Everyone

"Hey Guys" I say hugging everyone

"I think you and I will be great friends" El says

"Hey Girl" Perrie says giving me an unexpected hug

"We cannot wait to take you shopping!"

"Where's Dani?" I ask

"She and Liam were on a break she didn't want to see him at the airport so we're picking her up later"

"Why would she not wanna see me?" Liam pouts

"You're on a Break Liam" Perrie says

"I'm starting to think Danielle's and I's relationship has run it's course."

"Awe, Li Don't say that things will get better you'll see"

"Okay, I hope so" he pouts

Awe, He's like an adorable puppy that you just want to hug. He misses her so much it's so cute! Brooke looks over at me her being a Liam girl and all she gets this look.

"Dani and Li are on a break?"

"Yeah isn't it sad I love Payzer"

"Well, I love Liam maybe you could talk to him about me and stuff?"

"Sure thing"

I see Harry and Taylor enter the airport. Harry doesn't look like the adorable cupcake I met last week.

His curls have lost some volume, his usually bright green eyes turn dark, he looks like he he wants  to escape.

"Hey Guys" taylor cheers she's a little to peppy she shoves Harry

"Oh ,,,erm .. Hi" Harry says

"Publicity Stunts" Louis snarls

"Taylor's management thought a Haylor reunion would sell more of her records"

"Oh hi are you Niall's girlfriend, Well looks like that ugly blonde pig finally found someone

You're cute .How much did they pay you dear?"

"They didn't pay me anything I like him for him. You wouldn't know what ugly looks like Taylor that is until you check your personality"

"You mean little Bitch"

"What are you gonna do write a song about me?"

"Maybe I will" Taylor Storms off

"Yes!' Perrie cheers "I didn't wanna take her shopping now I don't have too!!!"

"Wait Taylor's not going? Who bitched on her I have to thank them!"

"That would be me and I didn't bitch I just simply defended my boyfriend"

"You and I are gonna be great friends. Come on lets go get Dani, Don't forget to bring your friends"


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