Stroke of Luck

Read and find out :)
Hannah ,a small town girl with big dreams magically gets the experince of a lifetime! Her parents were calling it quits but that didn't bring her down one day her mother comes into a bit of money. She can finally afford to live in London for the summer. Before she leaves, she attends her favorite band's concert and catches one member's eye. Can they be together or is his fame to much to handle for a small town girl? It's rated the way it is due to language and some sexual content. (+13)


23. I'm sorry

I watch him as he walks toward the door not even a second glance. He's hurt what did I just do? How could I have been so thoughtless? I just kissed my boyfriend's bestfriend. How could i have been so cruel and heartless?

"Niall" I call after him desperately trying to catch up to him

"Don't even talk to me I can't believe you doing something Stupid"

"I didn't mean to it was the alcohol, I was caught up in the moment please forgive me"

"Go on back to Harry;Apparently I mean absolutely nothing to you anymore"

"Niall, You mean everything to me. If I lose you I don't know what I'll do..........I.....I...I Love You"

He turns around and faces me tears streaming down his face. His sad eyes piercing me like a knife.

" Do you? Really?" I hear anger in his voice "Well, that's a great reason to go off and snog my best friend"

"You know what, I this isn't going to work. I knew we should've stayed friends" his words cut me deep

"I'm sorry" I whisper barely audible

"Sorry isn't good enough" he says

"Then what is?"

"I don't know" he replies

I look at him. I've hurt him and I can't take it back. How the hell could I have been so stupid? I don't want to lose Niall or Harry.

"I'll ... Stay away from Harry" I say

"I just don't know if I can trust you again" he says coldly

I look into his oceans of blue. The alcohol in my system making me very unaware of my actions. I pull him close he doesn't pull away our lips crash on to eachother. I move my lips planting kisses to his jaw line and eventually his neck before I whisper seductively in his ear.

"I want you"

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