Stroke of Luck

Read and find out :)
Hannah ,a small town girl with big dreams magically gets the experince of a lifetime! Her parents were calling it quits but that didn't bring her down one day her mother comes into a bit of money. She can finally afford to live in London for the summer. Before she leaves, she attends her favorite band's concert and catches one member's eye. Can they be together or is his fame to much to handle for a small town girl? It's rated the way it is due to language and some sexual content. (+13)


47. Fight for me

"Hey baby" August says pushing me up against the wall not letting me escape.

"You know I heard every word of that conversation. You can drop the act." I state

"What Act? I'm not acting right now" He says giving me an innocent look

"Really, Your first love, First kiss,first time shit really isn't working"

"Oh that, that's funny you see.." he says forcing his lips onto mine.

I break away clearly digusted.He puts a hand to my mouth.

"You weren't going to call for Niall were you angel?" he says with another forced kiss

I meet my teeth with his lip and he pulls away.

"Did you Just bite me? Whoa little frisky aren't you?"

I see a figure coming out of the darkness.

"Niall! Help Me!" I scream out

and the figure reaches the dim lighting. His tall figure towering over August, his curls flowing in the wind with anger piercing his bright green eyes. It was Harry?

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Harry says pinning August to the wall.

Someone else heard me. His blonde locks distant as he rans towards me.

"Harry stop you'll kill him!" he shouts

Harry was beating the shit out of August. One blow to the face and he's out like a light ,blood surrounding him.

"Are you okay?" Harry says hugging me "I won't let anyone mess with you"

Niall just stands back.

"I could've helped I..."

"Thanks for saving me Harry" I say kissing his cheek "you're a good friend, I love you HairBear"

with that we all walk back to our flats.











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