Back For You

Abbi has had a hard life. She has been bullied her whole life and her best friend left her to go on the X-factor. When he comes back will she fall head-over-heels for him again? Or will someone or something ruin there chances, or maybe even guarentee it forever.


3. Shocked


-Abbi’s Pov-

I ended up not even going to the audition, so I just got a job at my local subway instead. It’s not as good, but at least I’m employed. I start on Monday so that means I have 5 days to kill. ( It’s Wednesday ) I sigh and get out of bed. I check my phone and text my mom telling her I’m up. She always wants me to tell her when I get up. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. I also check twitter and realize I’ve gotten less hate than normal. Not that I’m complaining, it turns out that someone was standing up for me. Twitter wouldn’t tell me who it was though. That’s odd… I just blew it off and went down stairs. I plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V. The news was on and I was about to change the channel when something caught my eye…

“Short notice concert! One Direction is traveling to Wolverhamption!  They will do 6 concerts, a few interviews and a photo shoot! More to come later!” The news lady said. Wait, Wolvehamption? That’s here… Where Liam used to live. Maybe I’ll get to see him… Wait NO! I DON’T want to see him. He won’t find me, this town is too big.

-Liam’s Pov-

I had the perfect idea! We set up a few concerts in Wolverhamption and I could find her there!

“So why did you want to go to your hometown so bad Liam?” Louis asked me an hour before we left.

“Well, it’s a long story….” I told them what I told Niall and that I wanted to find her.

“I’LL HELP FIND HER!” Louis screams when I was done talking.

“Good, because you are all going to help me find her.” I smiled proudly. Soon I would be with my beautiful best friend again.

-2 Days Later-

We arrived in Wolvehamption two days ago, and I still haven’t found Abbi. But I haven’t given up hope! It won’t be long before I finally get to say sorry to her, I’ve felt so guilty lately.

-Abbi’s Pov-

Okay, only 3 more days left to go until I go to work. What should I do now? I guess I’ll go shopping. I take a shower and change into a pink, causal, flower print dress with a thick brown belt just above my hips. I curl my already wavy red hair and Pin my bangs up. I slip on some brown, knee high boots and I’m ready to go. Wait! I can’t forget make up! I run back upstairs and put on mascara, eye liner, and light brown eye shadow on my lids. There, now I’m ready. I walk back down stairs and grab my wallet, when I hear my door bell ring. I walk over to the front door and open it. I realized who it was, Liam. Liam was at my door. Most girls would be fangirling but not me; I felt tears go down my cheeks. I can’t believe he had the guts to come back after what he did to me. I turn and run away from the door, I ran up to my room and collapse on my bed sobbing. Liam follows me up there, but doesn’t come in my room because I locked the door.

“Abbi! Abbi please talk to me! Let me explain!” He shouts from the other side of the door. I ignore him and continue sobbing but he doesn’t leave. He slides down the wall and sits on the ground. Why did he have to come, I thought he didn’t care about me, I was trying to get over him and after I made some progress, he just waltz right back into my like. Reopening wounds.

-Liam’s Pov-

Here I am, listing to my best friend sobbing because of me. This is so messed up! I wish I could go talk to her, I feel so bad. I hear her sniffling for inside, what is she thinking? I bet she hates me. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO STUPED SOMETIMES!! WHY COULDN’T I HAVE JUST STAYED IN TOUCH WITH HER! Tears started falling down from my eyes, making them all red and puffy. I hear rustling from inside and stand up, drying my tears.

-Abbi’s Pov-

I realize I have to go out and face him so I get up and walk over to my door; I take a deep breath and open it. Liam was still standing there; his eyes were red and puffy too. Was he crying? No, he wouldn’t cry because of me. Or would he?

“Yes.” I said sadly

“I need to talk to you” He said. Oh great, he’s going to tell me to stay away from him, HASN’T HE CAUSED ME ANOUGH PAIN?!

“Ok, come in.” I said gesturing to my room. We sat down on the bed and Liam ran his fingers through his hair.

“Abbi, I’m so sorry, so sorry.” He said after a while, “I wanted to stay in touch with you but, I just didn’t have the time. I never wanted to hurt you. You are my best friend and I should have done more to keep in touch. I’m so sorry Abbi, I had no idea you were being bullied. I’ve put through so much pain; it must have been hell for you. I’m so sorry Abbi, I’m so sorry.”



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