Back For You

Abbi has had a hard life. She has been bullied her whole life and her best friend left her to go on the X-factor. When he comes back will she fall head-over-heels for him again? Or will someone or something ruin there chances, or maybe even guarentee it forever.


1. Remembering


 “Come on dear or you’ll be late!” my mom yelled down the hall. I was on my way to a movie audition. I grabbed my phone and headed out the door. As I started my car, LWWY by One Direction was on so quickly turned the radio off to stop the memories from flooding back. Too late. I started remembering him. His deep, caring brown eyes, his beautiful light brown hair. Just, him. How he was my best friend for my whole life, how he made me laugh, how he made me, me. He helped bring my true self out of its shell. He was nice, funny, smart, cute- STOP! What am I thinking! He ditched me. Left me in the dirt. Even though I encouraged him. He was an amazing singer. I convinced him to go on the X-Factor, and he got through. He was put in the band One Direction and became famous. I tried texting and calling him but he never called back or anything. After about 3 months of disappointment, I gave up. I decided he forgot about me. I was left to fend for myself for the rest of High School. This meant bullies. And with him gone, I was bullied and teased every day. They teased me about him leaving, and that he used me. That he didn’t care about me anymore. The worst part was that I didn’t believe them. I still thought that he would call. I was wrong. Now I realize that he doesn’t care, and that he never did. I haven’t made one single friend since he left. But that boy is traveling the world, living his dream with his NEW best friends. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan. That’s right; I was best friends with Liam Payne. But not only was I his best friend, I was also in love with him. I still haven’t gotten over him, or him leaving. I miss him so much. I wish we never lost contact. It would be nice to have someone to talk to again. I realize that I’m not driving to my audition anymore; I’m headed to Liam’s old house. As I pass it I have a flashback.


“Come on Abbi! Just jump!” Liam said as I slowly walk across the diving board at Liam’s 11th Birthday party.

“I’m scared Liam!” I say as I edge away from the end of the board.

“It’s ok, I’ll catch you!” He said with a warm smile. I hesitantly look over the edge of the board into the gleaming water below.

“Here I come.” I tell Liam. I jump into Liam’s arms and gaze into his eyes. I knew from that point on that I would always Love him.

-End of Flashback-

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