Back For You

Abbi has had a hard life. She has been bullied her whole life and her best friend left her to go on the X-factor. When he comes back will she fall head-over-heels for him again? Or will someone or something ruin there chances, or maybe even guarentee it forever.


2. Realising


-Liam’s POV-

“What’s wrong Liam?” Niall asks as he enters my room.

“Nothin” I lied with a brave smile. The truth is that I’m really upset. Niall shrugs and leaves the room. It started a few days ago when some fans discovered a few photos of me with my best friend Abbi. I miss her so much. I wasn’t able to stay in touch with her; I had to change my number because the fans found out what it was. I was told not to text her because that would give her my number and we can’t risk it getting out again. I think of her every day, I wish I knew what happened to her. I haven’t been able to sleep lately, I miss her so much. I wish we had stayed in touch. Maybe we could’ve been, a little bit more than friends…. But she would never feel the same way. She was so beautiful, but I’m just me. By now she’s probably married. I still love her though, I can’t get over her. I wish I knew a way to get a hold of her again.

“Come ooooon Liammmm!” Niall wined while I sat in my room.

“What is it now Niall.” I said trying to sound cheerful. He believed it.

“I want to go to Nandos but you need to drive me!” He said

“Well then what are we waiting for?!” I almost yelled at him I smiled real big then grabbed my car keys and headed out the door, Niall close on my heals.

-4 hours later-

“REALLY NIALL! YOU NEEDED YOU ONE OF EVERYTHING!” I yelled as I stumbled through the door caring 8 boxes of leftovers.

“YES! I DON’T KNOW WHEN I’LL BE THERE AGAIN! I NEED TO BE PREPAIRED!”  He yelled as he carried 13 boxes of leftovers! Wow, he’s got skill. After we put the boxes away we decided to check twitter in my room. We replied to tweets and just kind of had fun for a while. Niall got up to go to the bathroom so I decided I was going to look and see if Abbi had a twitter. I was shocked at what I saw. Hate everywhere. All of it was hate. How could they think those things?! She was most definitely NOT ugly! She had Beautiful wavy red hair, high cheek bones, marvelous bright blue eyes, and freckles on her cheeks. I was so close to tears it’s not even funny. I felt my eyes get all puffy and my vision blurred with tears. Niall chose that exact moment to come back and his smile vanished when he saw me. Once I looked in his eyes, I broke. I could no longer keep the tears I’ve been holding inside me for the past few days. I jumped up and collapsed on my bed. I wept and wept for what seemed like hours. I ditched Abbi. My best friend. If I’d stayed, she wouldn’t be getting bullied. I caused her pain. Her life is terrible because of me. I’ve ruined everything for her. I’d lost contact with her. She probably thinks I forgot about her. I sobbed into Niall’s arms until I had no more tears left.

“What happened Liam?” Niall asked after I’d calmed down some.

“Well, I was best friends with this girl named Abbi before I went on X-Factor. She was the one who told me to go on the show. I made it, but I lost contact with her. I thought she would be fine, but I was wrong Niall. She’s being bullied. If I’d never left she wouldn’t be hurting. But the worst part is that she must hate me, and I’m in love with her.” I said. Oh snap, did I just tell Niall that I was in Love with her? Niall thought for a moment before telling me something.

“I think you should go find her. Make it up to her somehow.”

“Yea,” I sighed, “You’re right. Thanks for listening Ni.” He nodded and gave me one last hug before leaving my room, I’m glad he could sense that I wanted to be alone.


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