Back For You

Abbi has had a hard life. She has been bullied her whole life and her best friend left her to go on the X-factor. When he comes back will she fall head-over-heels for him again? Or will someone or something ruin there chances, or maybe even guarentee it forever.


5. Meeting the Lads

-Amy’s Pov-

I washed my face but didn’t put on anymore make-up because Liam insisted that I didn’t need it. He’s still the same as he was before he went on the X-Factor; the fame didn’t change him like I thought it would. He’s still funny, smart, nice, and defiantly still cute. Well, more like hot. He no-longer had long hair, now it’s in a  little flip. He is also taller and more muscular than before. We’re on our way to meet the rest of the boys and I’m nervous.  What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m ugly like everyone else? What if I embarrass myself and they think I’m weird. I started scratching my neck, that’s what I do when I’m nervous. And Liam new that very well.

“It’s ok Abbi, they’ll love you.” He said and looked at me. He took one hand off the steering wheel and held my hands so I wouldn’t turn my neck red. He used to do that when we were kids too. One time I was so nervous because we were going to High school. He held my hand the whole hour long bus ride and then the walk to my first class. He always made me calm down. He makes me feel safe.

“I’m glad you came back Liam.” I said and smiled at him.

“I’m glad I came too.” He said.

“Is that the reason you came to Wolvehamption, to find me?” I asked.

“Yea, I convinced the lads and Simon to come down here. On the plane I told the boys why.” He answered. I smiled to myself and we pulled up to a really fancy hotel.

“Whoa.” I said when I walked into the lobby. It was as big as my whole house!

“That’s what I said!” Liam told me and we burst out laughing, we received some weird looks from everyone in the room, we were the only people talking/laughing so it was really quite before we came in. We walked into the elevator when I realized that Liam and I were still holding hands. I blushed really badly. Then I remembered why we were holding hands and got nervous again. I tried to lift my arm to rub my neck but Liam held my arms down and gave me a reassuring smile.

“It’s going to be okay, I know they’ll love you.” He said. I nodded and shifted my weight to the other leg. The elevator doors opened and we stepped out.  We walked up to the room and I let go of his hand. Liam opened the door and walked in with my behind him, The first thing I saw was a boy with curly hair wrestling a boy wearing strips in the living room, then I saw a boy with blond hair stuffing his face with chicken in the back corner.  Then I saw a boy that was really tan cheering the curly haired boy on, even though he was losing. Liam’s face turned red and I just laughed at the whole thing. It was so funny to see this.

“YOU GUYS!! I told you to behave yourselves today!” Liam said.

“Yea, because you said Abbi might come.” The boy with a striped shirt teased. Liam’s face turned so red I thought it would never go back to normal.

“LOUIS!” He yelled and joined the wrestling match, taking the curly haired boys place. When Liam pushed him out of the way he bumped into the tan one and caused him to fall and land the curly haired one. Then they started wrestling, I looked up at the blond haired boy who was dying of laughter and rolling on the floor. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I laughed so hard and fell to the floor in a heap of laughter and happy tears I was laughing so hard. Once I had calmed down I looked at the boys and saw that the curly haired boy won his match and was doing a victory dance while the tan one was fixing his hair. Liam had the boy wearing stripes pinned down to the floor and was warning him about something then got off of him, the blond one was eating his chicken again.

“Well, that’s was not the way I wanted you to meet the boys but, oh well.” Liam said. I giggled as Liam glared at the boy he was wrestling with.

“I’M LOUIS!!” He said

“Hi Louis.” I said shyly.

“I’m Zayn, Zayn Malik.” The tan one said

“Hi.” I said

“Hello! I’m Harry!” The curly haired boy said.

“Hello” I said

“An Ivm gial” The blond boy said with his mouth full.

“What?” I said

“An Ivm gial!” He repeted.

“Gial?” I said hesitantly. He swallowed his food,

“And I’m Niall!” He said.

“Oh, hi Niall.” I said and smiled at them all. It was nice to finally meet them.



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