Here we go again

Emma sponsor is a 17 year old girl.
She is a model and very famous!
Harry styles, has a celebrity crush on her.
When she bumps into him on the street will they meet again or will Harry's secret sty inside.
Read my movella please:) like and favourite and I'll check out your novellas :).
(Harry styles fan fic)


2. Chapter two

When I got back to my flat I got a message from Harry.

'hey Emma, I was wondering of you would like to go on a date with me tonight? Xxx Harry'

I replyed back instantly.

'sure I would love that :) fancy or casual?' I ask

'casual, movie and dinner. Is that alright?' he asks

'yes that's fine :)' I reply

'okay pick you up at eight :)' harry says

'okay see you then' I reply.

I wonder why he asked me on a date?

Ive always fancied him :$.

I take a shower and look at the time.


I dry my hair then straiten it.

It's long and dark brown.

Then I do my makeup.

I put on some foundation, mascara, a coat of eyeliner and some lipstick.

The light pink lipstip because I don't like red.

I get on some white skinny jeans, then a orange shirt.

I hear a knock at my door so I go and answer it.

I see Harry.

"hello love" he says then pulls flowers from behind his back.

"aww thanks Harry" I say and smile.

He kisses my cheek and I blush.

We stare into each others eyes for a minute then I knock back into reality.

I get on some flats then get a clutch and my phone.

Harry takes my hand as I lock up my front door.

* after movie and dinner cause it's boring *

I get dropped of at my house by Harry and he walks me to my door.

" thanks for tonight Harry, I had a ton of fun " I say

" I did too babe " Harry says and kisses my hand.

I smile then unlock my front door and go inside.

Harry drives back to his flat and I get a call from Eleanor.

* omg Emma! The boys are here and they say Harry has a crush on you!! * Eleanor yells.

* um I dont know.. It was a friend date? * I ask

* oh okay Byee * she says

* Byee * I say

I hand up the phone and think.

Did Harry actually like me? Or we're the boys kidding? I dont care all I know is that I just had the best time of my life.

Then I get a text from my manager.

' you better check paparazzi news missy! ' my manage sayd madly.

Oh no I had forgotten about paparazzi.

Paparazzi: is Emma sponsor and Harry styles 'going out?' it looks like it from what we see!

*Photo attached*

I sigh.

What ever its my life not theirs!

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