Here we go again

Emma sponsor is a 17 year old girl.
She is a model and very famous!
Harry styles, has a celebrity crush on her.
When she bumps into him on the street will they meet again or will Harry's secret sty inside.
Read my movella please:) like and favourite and I'll check out your novellas :).
(Harry styles fan fic)


1. Chapter one

Emma sponsor's Pov: "Emma..your photo shoot is over. See you tomorrow" my manager says.
"okay bye manchette" I say. Yah I know what your saying.
Is manchette a name? Yes it is. Manchette is a... Unique name.
Yes just keep it with unique.

I grab my things and get out of the photo shoot area.
I get in my car and go to Starbucks.
I walk in and get a text.
I look at my phone and bump into something or someone.

I look up and see Harry from one direction.
We met last year at the peoples choice awards.
If your wondering why I was there is because I went with my friend Eleanor Calder.
A.k.a louis tomlinsons girlfriend.
She invited me.

" sorry Harry " I say and get a light shade of red on my cheeks.
" don't be Emma, so how are you I never seen you in a long time " he says.
" I'm good, and you? " I ask
" amazing " he says.

We get coffees and I sit down with the other boys from one direction.
We talk for what seems to be hours but it was only 25 minutes.
Catching up is fun.
Especially when your hanging out with the boys!

When we were done talking I leave for home.

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