When Phoebe goes to a festival with her friends, she never thought she'd end up meeting Niall Horan. They don't 'fall in love' straight away, but they do become good friends - they have a rocky story, but will they make it out okay in the end?


14. what?

Liam sounded a bit..disaproving? Why though? Before I could dwell on it more, Liam summonded Louis to the bedroom for a 'private chat'. It was all a bit awkward. After a while Louis came back and gave me an almost sympathetic smile. What was going on? Everyone was giving me funny looks so I stopped the breakfast and went upstairs to take a shower. Lily and Claudia came up to my room once I was dressed. 'I can't believe we're living with them and we'' Lily exclaimed. 'Its so surreal!' Claudia grinned. We had about an hours chat just discussing our new lives before I went downstairs. I stopped on the second to last step because somehow I felt I was intruding. I heard my name so I decided to listen. 'I just don't think she's good for you Niall okay? You've only know her a month or so and you can't stay away from her!' Liam said. Liam? Maybe he wasn't so innocent. I was kind of hurt by his comment. 'Maybe he's right' I heard Harry admit. I was bad for Niall? Great. 'Are you serious? The one time I meet a girl, I really REALLY like her and ask her to be my girlfriend, you now say she's not good for me? Give us a chance jesus christ, and don't any of you dare mention this to her' Niall snapped back angrily. I came into the living room and they all looked guilty. I stayed out of Liam's way and sat on my own in the armchair until he left again.

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