When Phoebe goes to a festival with her friends, she never thought she'd end up meeting Niall Horan. They don't 'fall in love' straight away, but they do become good friends - they have a rocky story, but will they make it out okay in the end?


33. Too good to be true?

So for the next few weeks everything was great. The only thing is thing is that Zayn had broken up with Perrie because she was going on tour and she didn't feel like she could stay trust-worthy to him.

I was on my laptop in our room, when I heard my tummy rumble. 'You must be hungry' I giggled to the little baby in my stomach. I shut my laptop and was going downstairs. 1st step. 2nd step. I didn't make the 3rd step. I fell all the way down the enormous 27 steps and landed at the bottom in a heap. 'OW' I cried as I tried to sit up. I felt shooting pains in my stomach as I gasped and clutched it. 'Hello? Hello?!' I called out. I knew Harry and Niall were at home. 'Darling? Where are you?' I heard Niall running and calling my name. 'Here!' I mumbled through tears. My stomach really hurt, it felt like I couldn't even move. I heard Harry at the top of the stairs calling my name, then his footsteps running down. Niall reached me first. 'What happened sweetheart?' He asked quickly sounding worried. 'I fell down the stairs but-OU-OUCH!' I exclaimed as I got another sharp shooting pain. Harry reached me and knelt down beside Niall. 'My really hurts Niall' I cried. 'It's okay, don't worry we'll get you to the doctors' Harry assured as him and Niall helped me up. I was literally screaming in pain it hurt so much. I was sobbing in the car the whole way as Harry drove as fast as he could and I gripped onto Niall's hand as hard as I could. When we got to the hospital, Harry and Niall helped me hobble into the emergency A&E room, as they asked for a doctor. 'Come on, can't you see she's in pain?!' Harry shouted at the receptionist. 'It's okay sweetheart, don't worry' Niall whispered. They finally got me to a doctor and I remember passing out on an uncomfortable bed. When I woke up the pain was gone, but it was replaced by almost hunger and hollowness. I was alone in this room until a tall, bald man who I guessed was my doctor walked in with  a stern face. 'How do you feel Miss Jackson?' He asked. 'Weird' I replied bluntly. He nodded as he looked through his clipboard. 'Miss Jackson, I am geniunley sorry but you have lost your child'

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